PhotoShelter Plug-in for Apple Aperture

PhotoShelter has teamed up with Apple to provide best of breed workflow solutions for imaging professionals with the official PhotoShelter Plug-in for Apple Aperture.
PhotoShelter Plug-in for Apple Aperture

Plug-in for Aperture

Upload directly to PhotoShelter from Apple Aperture with the official plug-in.

  • Upload images as Masters or Versions
  • Support for over 400 image formats including RAW, PSD, JPG, TIF
  • Place images into hierarchical folders and access them through the PhotoShelter Archive Browser
  • Make images publicly searchable upon upload

Apple Aperture and PhotoShelter create an efficient workflow allowing you to image edit, archive, distribute and sell your images. Learn more about Aperture

The PhotoShelter Plug-in is a free download for PhotoShelter & Aperture users, which allows direct uploads from Aperture.

PhotoShelter Plug-in
System Requirements

  • Mac OS X version 10.6 or greater
  • Aperture 2.1 or Aperture 3
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