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Jennifer Squires Ross is a travel and landscape photographer based out of London, Ontario. She works closely with her husband Darren Ross to run her photography business, Jennifer Squires Productions. Jennifer lets her passion and style of photography lead the way to define her business and her brand. Stating simply on her website, "My biggest passion is making minimalist photographs of the complex world we live in, clearing the clutter so we can see the beauty in life."

PhotoShelter Photographer Jennifer Squires Ross

In 2009, Jennifer was named one of Photo Life Magazine's "Emerging Photographers" and her work has also been featured in top-tier publications including F-Stop Photography Magazine, the London Free Press, ArtScape Magazine, among many others. Today, she uses PhotoShelter to sell prints online to clients around the world.

To get her start, Jennifer did some serious ground work during her last year of school and "stalked" Toronto photographers' websites who she aspired to be like. From that research, she made a short list of her 10-20 favorites. "Two years later, Matthew Plexman Photography - who I had on my list - hired me as their assistant and producer. It was a dream come true! I'll forever be indebted. The years I spent there shaped my career more than anything else in my life."

When Jennifer decided to start her own photography business, she took inspiration from an experience she had shooting travel photography for a high-end hotel chain. "When it came time to start my own business, that was naturally the direction I took. The thing I love most about travel photography is that it's open to so many different types of imagery; landscapes, food, interiors, exteriors, and more. There is a lot of opportunity to think outside the box and be creative."

PhotoShelter Photographer Jennifer Squires Ross

To help her business run smoothly today, Jennifer uses PhotoShelter to showcase her work and deliver and sell images quickly to her clients. "I wanted to put Jennifer Squires Productions online, but in a way that wasn't associated with a larger marketplace," Jennifer says. " I spent a lot of time searching to see good options available and that's when I found PhotoShelter."

Jennifer loves PhotoShelter most for her clients. "The biggest thing that drew me to Photoshelter is how sleek the checkout is from a client's perspective. There are very few other sites with such a well-designed, simple Add to Cart window that's geared towards photographers and all of our print sales and licensing needs. It's gorgeous!"

Jennifer is also a big fan of PhotoShelter's Print Vendor Network and auto-fulfillment options to deliver prints directly to her clients. "Our open edition prints are typically made either through one of PhotoShelter's auto-fulfillment partners or a lab in the print vendor network that ships directly to our clients. It's a beautifully simple system, " Jennifer says. "Not only does it free up more time for me to spend photographing, but often orders are delivered much faster than they could have been if we were printing and shipping artwork ourselves."

PhotoShelter Photographer Jennifer Squires Ross

Currently living in London, Ontario tucked away between two of The Great Lakes, Jennifer has plenty of inspiration for her photography right in her backyard. "Starting my day watching the sunrise while I stand alone on a quiet beach is magical, inspiring, uplifting, and really healthy for my soul, " Jennifer says. "And that's really how my seascape photographs were born."

When out in the field, Jennifer shoots with a Canon 5D Mark II and almost exclusively the 24-105 L kit lens. She also likes to be prepared for all occasions and weather conditions and says, "I always carry the standard camera gear with me: camera, lens, hood, light meter, memory cards, batteries, grey card, etc. I also make sure that I have the other things that make shooting easier and more comfortable for me: a compass, hot shoe level, lots of cable releases, stopwatch, flashlight, bug spray, lots of snacks and water, rubber boots, an extra pair of shoes, and a garbage bag in case it starts to rain and I need to quickly cover up the camera."

Today, Jennifer's main revenue source comes directly from her print sales. "My prints are very popular with women, ages 24 - 45, living in urban centers. These women tend to be the trendsetters in their circle of friends. They are typically architects, executives, and doctors with a keen interest in artwork, who want to add a sense of tranquility to their space through simple modern design and architectural elements," Jennifer says of her clients.

PhotoShelter Photographer Jennifer Squires Ross

To get the word out about Jennifer Squires Productions, Jennifer says that her blog is her biggest promotional tool for the business. "Through the blog, clients and prospects can stay up-to-date with my newest work, see what happens behind the scenes at a photoshoot, and download monthly desktop calendars. Our blog is also a way to share news and information about upcoming events. Plus, you can read suggestions about hanging artwork and hear about the pre-production associated with some of my images. It's all there."

Jennifer notes that staying in touch with clients is also key to a successful business. "I have Gmail set up to check the email accounts associated with our domain, It's a dream to know that I don't need to bring our laptop with us everywhere we go, and I can check it from my phone or from any computer."

Jennifer also relies on social media to get people buzzing about her work. "We use Facebook to offer Sneak Peeks of upcoming images, and also to post interesting links, news items, and short production notes that I think our fans will find interesting. "

So what's next for Jennifer Squires Productions? As a good marketer, Jennifer's giving us some incentive to check back on her site. "You'll have to keep your eye on our blog to see what I'm up to!"

PhotoShelter Photographer Jennifer Squires Ross

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PhotoShelter Photographer Jennifer Squires Ross

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