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About Totally Rad!

Founded in 2007 by professional photographer Doug Boutwell, Totally Rad! Inc. makes legendary workflow and editing software for photographers. Their actions, plug-ins, and presets for Photoshop and Lightroom are considered essential by many of the best wedding and portrait photographers in the world.


RadLab is a revolutionary tool that drastically simplifies and improves the process of adding effects to your photos. With an intuitive user interface and a powerful rendering engine, RadLab gives you incredible flexibility to define your vision. Since RadLab allows you to think in pictures, not numbers, the array of possibilities is virtually endless. Retouching images just got a whole lot more fun.
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Photoshop Actions

Totally Rad'a Photoshop Action sets, TRA1 and TRA2, have helped thousands of photographers take their images to the next level. They offer over 100 actions that give you robust control over basic adjustments like color, contrast, saturation, or tone, and extremely advanced editing that includes portrait retouching, vintage camera effects, black and white conversions, and more.
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AMPED Presets for Lightroom 4

AMPED Presets for Lightroom 4* take the strengths of LR4 and magnify them, using LR4's new RGB curves feature to supply a spectrum of color tweaks for your images. With 20 presets, each coming in light, medium, and strong versions, you'll have a heap of options for adding just the right character to your photos. AMPED rocks on its own, and is also the perfect companion for Totally Rad's Original Lightroom Presets (below).
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*AMPED requires Lightroom 4. It will NOT work on earlier versions.

Original Lightroom Presets

What happens when the innovative minds at Totally Rad start tinkering with Adobe Lightroom? You get a groundbreaking set of tools that sets a new benchmark for flexibility and creativity in raw converters. You’ll get 103 Lightroom Presets, encompassing 51 unique tools, which will help take your images from bland to bitchin' in record time – all while maintaining the flexibility that has been the hallmark of the Totally Rad family for years.
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Dirty Pictures

Dirty Pictures features 21 custom-designed image overlays that easily add dimension, grit, and depth to your photos. Its included library of high-resolution textures was designed from over a thousand source images, and each texture was created to blend seamlessly with your photos. Dirty Pictures cuts through the guesswork by offering an innovative visual library that allows you to see (and then choose) exactly which texture your photo needs.
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Why we love them

There's no mystery behind why Totally Rad is an industry leader in effects and retouching software; since 2007, they've been designing some of the most powerful Photoshop and Lightroom tools we've ever seen. We've tried hundreds of actions from a dozen other companies, but we keep coming back to Totally Rad's addicting effects and intuitive workflow. If you're intersted in taking your photos to the next level, start with RadLab, it's so fantastic, you won't believe it until you try it for yourself. And if you need a little inspiration, be sure to check out their community blog, it's full of great business advice and examples of how other photographers are using Totally Rad to create magical images.

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