My 2007 Wishlist
Posted at December 13, 2006 12:33 AM in General .

With the year nearly over, we now enter the season of "the list." Having never generated a list of anything useful on this blog, I figured, why break with tradition? So here's just another list of things I'm wishing and hoping for in 2007:

1. I wish Canon and Nikon would make a pro body (read: metal and durable) that didn't scream "I'm a photographer! Look at me!" Miniaturization seems to be pervasive in electronics with the exception of pro photography.

2. I hope that even in the heat of conflict and spot news, when the adrenaline is pumping and sleep is scarce, that photojournalists find the strength to maintain the highest levels of integrity in their work.

3. I wish Apple would come out with a 12" Macbook Pro that weighs 3 lbs and doesn't have a battery that doubles as a space heater.

4. I hope upload speeds from our homes catch up with our download speeds.

5. I hope that the erosion of photographer rights slows, and that we continue to work together as an industry to increase the value of professionally created images.

6. I hope self-cleaning sensors become the norm for D-SLRs.

7. I hope to continue to be inspired by great photography, and the people who create it.

8. I hope technology makes color profiling between devices a non-issue because I still don't understand what black point compensation for soft proofing means.

8b. I hope all web browsers become color managed.

9. I hope to control my appetite for new lighting gear.

10. I hope you never lose a single image.

Lastly, I wrote in June about my grandfather turning 100 years old. He passed away last week in his sleep at 100 years, six months and three days. People like my grandfather don't receive large obituaries in the New York Times. Their funerals aren't attended by the masses. And yet to me, his death is as significant a loss as any I've experienced. So with my little corner of the Internet, I just want to say how much I'm gonna miss him. Here's to you grandpa.