Wednesday 13 December

  • My 2007 Wishlist

    With the year nearly over, we now enter the season of "the list." Having never generated a list of anything useful on this blog, I figured, why break with tradition? So here's just another list of things I'm wishing and... | 0 Comments

Thursday 2 November

  • FotoQuote® & PhotoShelter

    PhotoShelter has grown tremendously in the past year, but one lingering issue for us has been a better way of handling Rights-Managed inquiries for photographers. If you've ever used the system that the big guys have, then you'll know how... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 1 November

  • Free at Last!

    We've been thinking for a while about the psychology of using a service like PhotoShelter. Most people don't have the luxury of time where they can dedicate a few hours to considering how PhotoShelter can help them with archiving, distribution... | 0 Comments

Monday 3 July

  • The Smartest Guy in the Room

    I recently returned from a Microsoft Pro Photo Summit on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA. We had the opportunity to listen to discussions on a variety of topics from storage to what professional photographers "want." However, the most interesting... | 0 Comments

Friday 26 May

  • A False Seduction

    I remember when I first got into the Internet Industry in 1995 as a founding employee of Back in the day, there were very few online services and e-commerce sites, and revenue models didn't really exist for conducting business... | 0 Comments

Monday 22 May

  • The Downloadable Camera

    It's easy to be tempted by the latest and greatest equipment. More megapixels, more frames per second, more user definable modes. A bigger, faster piece of glass. A flash card that writes a billion bits of code every second.... | 0 Comments

Wednesday 10 May