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Barra Vieja, Mexico, February 18, 2012 - Members and volunteers of Campamento Tortuguera, from left, Maria Luisa Ramos Nino, Sabino Mendoza Guatemala, Sofia Valderrabano Perez, Camp Director Victor Jesus Verdejo Ramirez, and Juan Carlos Gonzales Segovia, nicknamed 'Chango León', enjoy a lunch together after releasing around 45 Leatherback sea turtles that morning.

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  • Copyright Daryl Peveto © 2012
  • Location: Acapulco Guerrero Mexico
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  • Author: Daryl Peveto
  • Credit: Daryl Peveto / LUCEO
  • Byline: NEON
  • PhotoShelter ID: I0000mgHt2R1Kj44

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