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Southland Bridge over the Bow River


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Southland Bridge over the Bow River
It has been very cold in Calgary this week, and also cloudy. So when the sun finally popped out today I jumped at the chance to do some snowshoeing in the outer reaches of carburn park. The birds and animals were also obviously enjoying the sunshine as they were very excited and frisky!..©2011, Sean Phillips.

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  • Copyright ©2011, Sean Phillips
  • Location: Calgary Alberta Canada
  • Rights: All rights reserved. Please contact me at to discuss terms and licensing costs.
  • No model release attached
  • No property release attached
  • Author: Sean Phillips
  • Byline: 1D f/5.6 800 ISO Auto 160mm.
  • 9402
  • PhotoShelter ID: I0000nHbl8rfnbFM

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