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  • Copyright Daryl Peveto © 2010
  • Location: Ventura CA United States

    This image, or group of images, is NOT royalty free nor is it in the public domain.

    This image, or group of images, is owned by and the registered copyright his held by Daryl Peveto Photography, (“Daryl Peveto”). The image or any portion thereof CANNOT be downloaded, copied, printed, reproduced, republished, uploaded, scanned, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way, without Daryl Peveto’s prior written permission, except that you may view the Content on any single computer monitor for review purposes only, provided you keep intact, without change all copyright, trademark and other proprietary notices.

    For use of image please contact Daryl Peveto at darylpeveto@luceoimages.com or at 267-882-8378.
  • Model release attached
  • No property release attached
  • Author: Daryl Peveto
  • Credit: Daryl Peveto / LUCEO
  • Byline: Freelance
  • PhotoShelter ID: I0000t0iBxRA5T9E

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