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May 2010 Newsletter

Greetings! This month's newsletter is packed with PhotoShelter tools and business strategies you can use to get ahead. We also have invitations for a couple of exciting photography events and bonus savings for referring your friends.

Also, we'd love your input for a new community survey on how you're spending your valuable time.

- The PhotoShelter Team

New & Improved

Heads-up! We're upgrading our search engine today, Friday, May 21, beginning at 8PM EDT. The new search engine will run many times faster and return more relevant results. Images made searchable during the upgrade may take a few hours to become searchable from your site.

Read all about image search

Searching for photos is now faster and more accurate.
Use the Trusted Client feature to improve your business! PhotoShelter feature spotlight

Placing trust in your clients by giving them access to your archive can open you up to greater revenue opportunities. PhotoShelter's "Trusted Client" feature allows you to give easy access to your archive. For some, this sounds like a risky proposition. But many photographers have discovered otherwise.

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Survey: How do you spend your time?

Wouldn't it be nice to know if photographers just like you are seeing real returns from the time they spend on SEO, blogging and social media? We sure think so!

Take a minute or two to tell us which marketing efforts are bringing you more business and which aren't the best use of your time. We'll share the results with the entire PhotoShelter community in the coming weeks. As always, your personal information will be kept completely private. One survey respondent will also get 35GB bonus storage for a year!

Take the survey

The PhotoShelter Team is constantly looking for ways to help you grow your business. Last year, we surveyed 550 image buyers to find out what they loved and hated most about photography websites. We published their responses in the What Buyers Want report and packed our website themes with the features they loved most.

Get double credit when you refer a friend in May. Refer-A-Friend

We're always grateful of the amazing support you provide. Your word-of-mouth recommendations to friends and colleagues keep our company growing and allow us to constantly improve.

Today, we're taking our referral program to the next level. From now until June 1, every time you refer-a-friend, we'll double your credit. Your friends will receive up to $30 off PhotoShelter and you'll receive an account credit of up to $80.

Referring people is simple - just visit your refer-a-friend page, grab your code and email your friends. There's no limit, so invite them all!

New PhotoShelter Research

Whether you're new to blogging or you've been doing it for years, our latest free business guide has information and tactics you can use immediately. Smart photographers of all kinds are using blogs to help grow their website traffic, deepen client relationships, and build a bigger following. This guide will look at different strategies, resources, and success stories to help make blogging work for you.

Get your copy

Download the Photography Blog Handbook
Learn how to make photo editors love (or hate) you. What's new on the PhotoShelter blog

Everyone, especially photographers, wants to be loved. But, unfortunately, not all are. Love and respect are earned, and it's usually a two-way street.

We sat down with nine photo editors to find out the quickest ways to their hearts and their hate lists.

Find out how to get photo editors to love you and learn what really pisses them off.

Join us in Kansas City for a two-day seminar and live shoot.

Join Digital Labrador, PhotoShelter CEO and co-founder Allen Murabayashi, Kansas City photographers Nick Vedros and Austin Walsh, plus Whispering Danny and the crew from Exile Tattoo for this two-evening seminar and live shoot.

You'll learn how taking time to shoot the projects you are passionate about can pay off as powerful marketing tools to generate more interest in your work and land more photo assignments.

Register here

Learn how to make photo editors love (or hate) you.
Join us at the PND Virtual Trade Show

Join PhotoShelter and PDN for a free online expo dedicated to wedding and portrait photography. Log on and experience this two-day virtual event designed to inform and inspire wedding and portrait photographers. First, log on for presentations on how to increase your clients' purchases, ways to master the art of album sales, and much more. Then, visit the virtual expo floor to chat live with vendors, discover new tools and even buy the latest equipment.

View the full list of seminars and register today

The PDN Virtul Trade Show Floor
Manage your PhotoShelter account.

Feeling productive? Make the most of your PhotoShelter account by uploading images from your latest shoot, creating a pricing profile for a new client, or checking your SEO grade. You could also embed a slideshow in your website or blog or get social by sending a gallery to Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to check your visitor stats to see who is interested in your work and drive sales by sending them coupons.

Hungry for more? Watch our new video tutorials or join a live webinar.

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