New WordPress plugin, system updates, an inspiring video & more.
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March Newsletter - PhotoShelter
Newsletter 2010

Summer is in full swing here in New York but just because we've started wearing sandals to the office, it doesn't mean we're not busy making PhotoShelter better. This month, we've launched a new PhotoShelter plugin for WordPress blogs, system updates to many areas of the site and more.

If you do just one thing from this newsletter, be sure to check out our *highly inspiring* interview with Tim Mantoani, about turning your passion into commercial success.

- The PhotoShelter Team

In This Issue:
New PhotoShelter WordPress Plugin
Video: Tim Mantoani Webinar
• Event: ASMP San Francisco (tomorrow!)
Event & Portrait Photographers: Make More Money With Coupons
July System Updates
NiO PhotoShelter RSS Gallery Widget

New PhotoShelter WordPress Plugin

Adding PhotoShelter photos to your WordPress blog just got easier - a lot easier. The new PhotoShelter WordPress plugin lets you embed photos and slideshows directly into the body of a blog post without leaving WordPress. This plugin was developed in-house and replaces the version made by Graph Paper Press, and can be used with any WordPress blog.

» Download the plugin
» Read the complete list of features
» Get 22 other WordPress plugins for photographers

Video: Tim Mantoani Webinar

Our webinar with commercial photographer Tim Mantoani got rave reviews (many said it was the best they ever attended). Now, the complete recording is online. Tim talks about how to turn personal projects into commercial success and shows work from his well known personal project which features 20"x24" Polaroid portraits of famous photographers with their iconic photographs.

» Watch the inspiring video interview

Tomorrow in San Francisco

Join us tomorrow in San Francisco as PhotoShelter co-founder Grover Sanschagrin demonstrates how web sites must evolve in order to support photographers’ online business goals. Panelists include Brad Mangin, Jim Goldstein and David Paul Morris.

Tomorrow, Thursday, July 22, 7pm - 9pm
Blue Sky Rental Studios. Admission is free.

» Visit ASMP NorCal for more details

Event & Portrait Photographers: Make More Money With Coupons

Summer is a busy time for many event and portrait photographers - industry veterans also know that it's a time when chances for higher profits can be missed. If you haven't tried the coupon features of your account, you could be missing important opportunites to drive more sales and maximize your profit from the work you're already doing.

» Create a coupon
» 10 Ways to Market Your Photography with Coupons
» 7 Ways to Use Coupons to Increase Sales

July System Updates

Since our major site upgrade in June, we've made a range of improvements to various areas of PhotoShelter including: the addition of comments in private galleries, user interface improvements to the shopping cart and support for the newest versions of our existing Graph Paper Press themes.

In addition, we've reduced the bandwidth overage fees from $1/GB to $0.25/GB. For 99% of you, this has no impact because you don't come close to exceeding your bandwidth. But some users who have very high FTP utilization, for example, will be happy to know that their costs have been cut by 75%.

» Read the complete list of the July updates

NiO PhotoShelter RSS Gallery Widget

Nature photographer Johan Peijnenburg has written a piece of software that makes it possible to showcase galleries of images that were recently added to a PhotoShelter archive, as thumbnails in your blog sidebar.

» See the full list of features, examples and download the widget

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