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Newsletter | April 2011

Getting hired and staying inspired

This month we're proud to share a ton of new resources to help you build a thriving photo business. The results of our 2011 Survey: What Buyers Want From Photographers are available for download as an ebook. We share video clips and a handy guide on how the pros stay inspired, plus new photographer profiles, helpful product tips and another webinar all about how to get hired!

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2011 Survey Results: What Buyers Want From Photographers

What Buyers Want

Get inside your clients' minds

Hot off the presses - the 2011 What Buyers Want From Photographers Survey results are now available. In partnership with Agency Access, we surveyed 500 commercial and editorial buyers - including photo editors, art directors, and art buyers at leading global companies - all about how they find photographers and images. The result is rock solid photography marketing guidance. Learn about email, direct mail and website pet peeves, the photo contests buyers actually care about, who's using Google search, and much more.

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How We Hire Photographers

How We Hire

Wednesday, April 27, 2011 | 3 - 4pm EDT

Spend time with editorial and commercial clients Kat Dalager, Art Producer,Campbell Mithun, and Whitney Lawson, Photo Editor,Travel + Leisure who responded to our 2011 What Buyers Want Survey. They'll share inside tips on what photo editors, art directors and art buyers are looking for now, and how to break through to them. We'll discuss how you can create effective promotions, where they go to find new talent (and where they don't) and getting your work found online. Join us for these back to back interviews and learn how to get hired today!

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2011 Inspiration Handbook

Customization webinar

How 8 standout photographers find & keep inspiration

This handbook features insights from eight top professional photographers: Corey Rich, Tim Mantoani, Scott Strazzante, Ami Vitale, Casey Templeton, Robert Seale, Brian Peterson, and Michael Schwarz on finding, and keeping, inspiration in your career. Watch video interviews, read a brief synopsis, or browse each photographer's "Top 10" list to learn how you can use inspiration to power your career.

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Update your Photo Wall

Manual Customization

See how PhotoShelter photographers are using Photo Wall to display their images in a unique, modular format. Get new ideas for customizing your Photo Wall with simple setting changes and learn the ins and outs of this new display feature with our video tutorial.

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Learning to Say No

half-full half empty

As photographers, we all pretty much want the same, simple, things: to be rewarded for our creativity and to earn a decent living making the pictures we enjoy making. Yet, so many photographers feel that this is lacking in their lives. What can you do about it? Learn to say no.

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