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Newsletter | February 2012

This leap year, think of the 29th as an extra 24 hours to accomplish all those photo business goals you set back in January. In preparation, we've compiled a sweet set of blog posts to help you do just that. Consider this our belated Valentine's gift.

This month PhotoShelter CEO, Allen Murabayashi, professed his love for photography, from cell phone images to Terry Richardson, in his Rant: I Love Photography. You'll also find an entire 41 page guide on How to Grow a Wedding Photography Business, reasons you should probably ditch your personal Facebook page and why patience is a virtue when it comes to macro photography.

- The PhotoShelter Team

How To Grow a Wedding Photography Business

Just in time for the month of love we talked with a few of PhotoShelter's successful wedding photographers about the essential tactics and strategies they're using to build their businesses and create unbeatable experiences for their clients. Read their insights on how to create a unique brand, establish competitive pricing tiers and begin growing your network.

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A Better Sales Process for your Customers

To help facilitate sales on your site, an integrated check out process is key. We recently added Stripe, a new payment processor that streamlines the checkout process and while maintaining your branding. Stripe is a potentially attractive alternative to Paypal and merchant accounts.

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Rant: I Love Photography

Do you truly love photography? PhotoShelter's CEO and co-founder, Allen Murabayashi explains why he's passionate about every aspect of the medium. From composites to cell phone pictures, he demonstrates how photography has value no matter how "good" the photo may be.

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Essential Techniques for Shooting Macro Photography

Alex Hyde, a seasoned wildlife photographer, whose work has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines including The Times and BBC Wildlife, shares his insights into macro photography. Learn why patience is one of the most important aspects of his work and 3 other essential traits every macro photographer must posses.

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Architectural Photography: Just Like Playing Tetris...Right?

Lincoln Barbour, a professional architectural and lifestyle photographer, whose clients include both advertising companies and editorial publications, talks with us about his love for composition and how he has "no problem creating artificial moments." He shares the secrets of his trade, from Photoshop tips to his favorite lenses.

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Why You Need to Ditch Your Personal Facebook Page

If you're still using a personal Facebook page to feature your photography, it's time to separate business from pleasure. Use these tips to convey to your clients that you're professional and serious about your work.

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Talking Event Photography with FOOD & WINE Magazine

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 4:00 PM US EST

As Art Director for FOOD & WINE, Rory Tischler regularly hires event photographers to shoot the magazine's many annual festivals and gatherings. At our next webinar, Rory will talk about what skills he looks for in his photographers, and what he expects on the job. Learn how photographers can distinguish themselves and get repeat business from a high-end magazine like FOOD & WINE.

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Do You Teach a Workshop?

If you teach a workshop for photographers, we want to know. Send us a link to your workshop information and we'll share it with the community in an upcoming blog post.

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PhotoShelter Success Stories

This month, we're pleased to feature three talented members of our community. Meet Lisa Devlin; award-winning rock'n'roll wedding photographer, Jared Wickerham; up-and-coming sports photographer; and Johan Peijnenburg; a web designer with a passion for the landscapes of the Swiss Alps.

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