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Get ready for a brand new PhotoShelter

It's a big leap forward in photo hosting and photography websites. We're bringing you a year-long series of radical PhotoShelter upgrades, and the first phase is already here!

What's the new PhotoShelter all about?

We're talking about a brand new PhotoShelter, inside and out. Through a series of phases throughout 2012, we'll bring you:

  • Time-saving workflow improvements
  • A simpler user interface
  • New tools to make your clients really happy
  • Beautiful websites & new ways to show off your photography
  • Power and speed

Along the way, we'll enable you to do so much more with our websites and tools, and so much more with your photography. Each phase will upgrade the way you build your website, display your photos, market yourself, collaborate with clients, sell your work, and manage your photography online.

The new PhotoShelter's gonna be big, and we're all really excited about the new features.

"This is a big moment for us. We're simplifying PhotoShelter and making the service more elegant and faster. At the same time we're bringing you even more powerful new features to help you grow your photography business." Allen Murabayashi, PhotoShelter CEO

PhotoShelter member Brian Smith

"Big props to PhotoShelter for streamlining my image delivery workflow so I get images to my clients even faster. They just made a good thing even better..."
Brian Smith, Celebrity Portrait Photographer

PhotoShelter member Carli Davidson

"PhotoShelter has made the process of organizing images wonderfully intuitive. I know this will help streamline my workflow, save me time and make my client delivery hassle-free."
Carli Davidson, Pet Photography

PhotoShelter member M. Scott Brauer

"The team at PhotoShelter always seems to be thinking about how to make the site work better for photographers, and everything they've got on tap will make it even easier to send assignments and stock requests to clients."
M. Scott Brauer, Freelance Photojournalist

PhotoShelter member Brad Mangin

"I've relied on PhotoShelter for years to get images to my clients. My success depends on it. And now they've come up with even more ways to improve my workflow and cut steps out of the process of image delivery. I love it!"
Brad Mangin, Sports Photographer

What to expect:

Because the first phase is a major redesign of so many key features that impact your PhotoShelter workflow, we're committed to continuing to provide the best support - both online and direct from our team via phone and email.


Need help?

Email our Client Services team at with any questions or concerns, or call us at 1-212-206-0808, Monday - Friday, 9am - 6pm US EDT. We're here to help!

What's next?

Later this year, we'll focus in on a complete overhaul of the PhotoShelter website tools, introducing brand new customization capabilities and the most attractive website designs in the marketplace, plus a host of new collaboration and visual tools to engage visitors and show off your photography. This is the project our developers are drooling to get to.

Along the way, we'll be creating new image sales options and fine-tuning the PhotoShelter infrastructure as well, to bring you a faster, more powerful PhotoShelter. And rest assured, there are plenty of additional big wins up our sleeves that we can't reveal just quite yet.