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550 image buyers surveyed, and the results are here!

PhotoShelter's 2009 What Buyers Want survey — all about photography websites. Get the results for free.

What's Inside?

550+ global photo buyers weigh in on what they love and hate about photographers' websites. It's essential guidance for photographers who want to sell images online with e-commerce, display their portfolios more professionally, or land more assignments.

What We Learned:

With insights ranging from background color, to page layouts, to interest in personal blogs — it's marketing and design advice from pros who license commercial and editorial images, and hire photographers every day. For example:

When viewing images on a photographer's website, would you rather price the images online, or call directly to negotiate?
Must price online!
Price online and call
Just call to negotiate
Don't care
Tolerate/Like this feature Hate this feature
Flash-based introduction to your website 4% 96%
Textured or graphical backgrounds 6% 94%

Examples: Websites in Action

Using PhotoShelter's website templates, these photographers are able to tailor their websites as specified by buyers in our latest research:

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