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PhotoShelter's Tips to Great Holiday Sales

The end of the year marks a time when consumers are looking for holiday gifts and business are looking to spend their remaining budgets. In other words, this is a great opportunity to generate additional business. Here are our favorite sales and marketing tips to help you end the year strong.

In-Depth Sales Guides

Use these free guides to learn new techniques to generate more sales and bookings or
to brush up on what you already know.

How to Sell Prints

Filled with advice from the experts, this guide will give you a practical approach to increasing your photo print sales.
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Selling Like a Pro

Grow your revenue by creating more ways for potential clients to find you and engage with your content online.
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Selling Fine Art

Photographers, gallery owners, curators and consultants, share what's working and not working the world of fine art photography.
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Photography Pricing: How To Find a Reasonable Rate

In this video interview, photo business guru John Harrington discusses how photographer can find a reasonable rate.
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How 4 Successful Photographers Sell Their Prints

Examine the print sales tactics of several very different photographers who are finding success in selling prints.
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The Right Way to Negotiate with Clients

In this video photographer Blake Discher talks about effective negotating tactics for photographers.
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Zack Arias: If I Had To start My Photo Business Today

In this video, Zack shares his top tips for photographers who are in the midst of starting their own business.
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Ilise Benun: How to Talk Money with Clients

Ilise Benun, co-founder of outlines the best ways for photographers to "talk money" with their clients.
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The Price of Prints

Learn how to determined your print prices, motivate buyers, and increase sales in this 4-part series.
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Holidays are a Great Time for Coupons

Get tips on how to create a successful coupon or promotion and then market it to potential buyers.
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3 Options for Portrait Photography Pricing

Jennifer Chaney, a photographer with a background in finance, recommends three successful pricing structures.
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How to Competitively Price Your Wedding Photography

Learn some of the most important factors in setting prices for your wedding photography business.
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7 Tips for Shooting and Selling Nature Photography

Greg Basco of Deep Green Photography discusses 7 different ways he's found success selling his nature photography.
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Selling Photography with PhotoShelter

Every sale counts when it comes to running your business, which is why PhotoShelter websites come with an eCommerce platform built specifically to sell photos. You can offer prints, products, packages, digital downloads, and royalty-free or rights-managed stock directly from your website and collect payment instantly.

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Step 1:

Choose a Processor

When you sell with PhotoShelter, your client pays you instantly at the point of sale. Choose PayPal, Stripe, or a merchant account to receive payment.
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Step 2:

Create Pricing Profiles

Pricing Profiles allow you to select and price each print, product, download, or license you wish to sell. Choose from scores of automated products or create your own.
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Step 3:

Apply Pricing Profiles

After you've created your Pricing Profiles, all that's left to do is apply them to the photos you'd like to sell. Profiles can be applied to many images at once.
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