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The Photo Assistant's Handbook

  • Get key insights from seasoned photographers and find out the #1 skill they look for in assistants.
  • Learn 12 problems all photo assistants are expected to solve and why troubleshooting and people skills can get you far.
  • Read best practices to keep the photographer and the client really happy on shoot day and beyond.

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Get tips to succeed as a photo assistant, plus inspiring insights from photographers who say assisting is the industry’s most rewarding career.

What's Inside?

The Photo Assistant’s Handbook provides photographers with key insights to succeed as a photo assistant and beyond. This guide includes firsthand interviews with assistants including Andrew Loehman, Shawn Corrigan, Joel Barhamand, and Joe McNally’s assistant Drew Gurian who offer tips on how to anticipate a photographer’s every move, build strong relationships, and get rehired.

We also spoke to seasoned photographers including Vincent Laforet, Jake Chessum, Robert Seale, and Tim Mantoani to find out the top skills they look for in a photo assistant, their expectations for the job, and their advice on making the move from assistant to photographer. This handbook is also equipped with an in-depth overview of a photo assistant’s responsibilities, a checklist to prepare before the shoot, as well as tips to manage your finances.

What You'll Learn:

Photo assisting can provide eager photographers an exciting foundation to build a sustainable, successful photography career. As a photo assistant, you may often find yourself in a front-row seat to some of the most exciting shoots the industry has to offer. It’s a job that can take you around the world, teach you more than you ever learned in the classroom, and offer a behind-the-scenes look at how the industry runs.

With firsthand interviews from photo assistants and seasoned photographers, this handbook will teach you best practices of successful assistants and offer tips to launch your career even further. At the heart of this guide, you’ll learn how personal skills, proactive problem solving tactics, and your team player mentality can be the dealbreaker or dealmaker with a photographer. A basic understanding of photography is important, but technical skills can be taught. Skills like tact, discretion, consideration and manners are traits that will make you stand out and go far.

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The 44-page PDF will be emailed to you. We won’t sell or distribute your emails. It’s protected by angry ex boyband members from the 90s.

allen murabayashi"This handbook will coach photographers to succeed as photo assistants and launch their careers to new heights. Direct from experienced assistants, photographers will discover how far personal skills and problem solving tactics can get them."
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