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Selling Stock Photography: A Guide to Licensing Images From Your Archive

  • Learn how to generate income from licensing your stock images independently or through major agencies.
  • Get key marketing tips from seasoned stock photographers and agencies who know what works and what doesn’t.
  • Hear firsthand from image buyers on what they’re looking for and how you can meet their needs.

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Key tips on licensing stock images direct from successful photographers, art buyers, photo editors and small stock agencies.

Selling Stock Photography is a look at how successful photographers think like buyers and generate income from licensing their images as stock. We’ve assembled 13 interviews with art buyers, agencies, and professional photographers who offer best practices on filling voids in the industry and marketing your archive to potential customers. This educational guide is intended for stock photography beginners as well as seasoned photo professionals seeking to start licensing work from their archives.

What's Inside?

The stock photo industry has changed significantly in recent years and successful photographers have been forced to evolve their marketing tactics and business models in the wake. This is no “get rich quick” guide, yet the need for strong images persists across all media channels, and smart photographers know how to find opportunities to sell photography and excel at meeting their clients needs.

Selling Stock Photography is equipped with insights for photographers seeking to sell their images independently, through stock photo agencies and other web platforms. Inside you’ll get key business tips direct from Random House Associate Art Director Ellice Lee, full-time stock photographer Randy Santos, Creative Director Rachel Been, seasoned stock veteran David Sanger, and leading science stock agency Visuals Unlimited, among many others. Each offer strategies to help market your archive and increase your bottom line.

What You'll Learn:

Packed with sound advice from photo buyers, seasoned photographers, and stock agencies, Selling Stock Photography delivers unique insights on getting your stock photography noticed and licensed. The guide provides instrumental lessons into selling stock photography today to help other photographers consider strategies that could work for their own photo businesses. Strategies include deciding whether to license your work independently versus through an agency, how to market to buyers, best steps to approaching an agency, and how to keyword your images to improve your SEO and attract more customers.

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Get your free guide now

The 48-page PDF will be e-mailed to you. We won't sell or distribute your email. It's guarded 24/7 by aggressive, farm-raised turkeys!

allen murabayashi"Selling stock photos has become increasingly challenging. Our profiles of buyers and sellers of stock photography helps bring clarity to an ever-evolving market."
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