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A Photo Student's Guide to Turning Pro

Watch the video from the first installment of the Beyond the Classroom: A Photo Student's Guide to Turning Pro webinar series with PhotoShelter Co-Founder Grover Sanschagrin. » Watch the video

Build a Better Online Portfolio with Stella Kramer

Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor Stella Kramer shares her advice for creating an online portfolio that showcases your best work, communicates who you are as a photographer, and wins you more business. » Watch the video

Stop Waiting For Your Big Break, webinar with Brian Smith

PhotoShelter CEO Allen Murabayashi chatted with Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Brian Smith on Wed, March 16 during a special hour-long webinar. The entire presentation was recorded, and is available here. » Watch the video

11 Things Photographers Wish They Learned in Photo School

Industry veterans like Joe McNally, Ami Vitale, Corey Rich and Shannon Fagan share the 11 critical lessons they wish photo school had taught them, to better prepare for their careers as pro photographers. » Read the article

12 Things Photo Students Need To Know/Study Before Graduation

A good photo education is one that teaches photographers a lot more than how to shoot pictures. Find out how four-time Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist and chair of RIT's Photojournalism BFA program, William Snyder, is re-imagining photo education at one of the nation's top schools. » Read the article

Positive vs. Negative Photographers - Which Are You?

Ever been in a room full of positive people, and walked away feeling optimistic and positive as a result? PhotoShelter Co-Founder Grover Sanschagrin investigates the ways some photographers are keeping their glass half full and their career on track. » Read the article

Top 13 Ways to Piss off a Photo Editor

When photo editors get togther, there are two methods you can use to ensure that your name comes up in conversation. Do something really amazing, or do something that pisses them off. You don't want to find yourself part of a conversation for the latter. What are the things that will piss off a photo editor? » Read the article

7 Ironic Truths About Successful Wedding Photographers

Missy McLamb, who specializes in high end weddings and events, shares outstanding career advice that can be inspiring to all specialties. Missy goes well beyond the typical stuff you hear from wedding photographers and success coaches — you'll see why her attention to detail makes all the difference. » Read the article

The Future Of Documentary Photography

Luceo Images hosts this panel at the opening of their Jan 19, 2011 exhibition - Altered States in New York City. Paneliests includeTIME Magazine Deputy Photo Ed. Paul Moakley, Jim Estrin of The New York Times LENS Blog, Brian Clamp of ClampArt, and Bess Greenberg of 25CPW. » Read the article

Building a Monumental Photo Business — How Randy Santos Succeeds Selling Stock Photos

Washington DC stock photographer Randy Santos shares his most successful business tactics on how he's created a thriving niche stock photo business without using a major agency. » Read the article


The 6 Elements of a Successful Photography Website

Your website should do much more than show pretty pictures. If you're serious about attracting clients or building a following for your work, get to know the six essential elements of a photography website. » Read the article

10 Traits of the Master Marketers

PhotoShelter's founder Grover Sanschagrin takes a look at some of the best marketers, inside the photo industry and out (from Vincent Laforet to Lady Gaga). He shares the key traits that make these leaders successful marketers. » Read the article


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Focus on Your Passion

Photographer Tim Mantoani talks about how self-initiated projects aren't just about creating personally meaningful work, but can also lead to commercial success. He shows work from his latest personal project: a 20"x24" polaroid portrait project of famous photographers with their iconic photographs. » Watch the video

In The Bag With Photojournalist David Burnett

David Burnett, a Washington DC-based photojournalism legend, opens up his camera bag and lets us take a look inside at some of his gear. You'll be amazed at David's stories and photos - plus a few surprises inside! » Read the article


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Lighting it up in Austin with Robert Seale

Learn lighting technique from Houston-based commercial and portrait photographer, Robert Seale in this online webinar. Robert walks us through 3 drastically different lighting effects using Canon, Profoto, Elinchrom, and Plume equipment. » Watch the video

How to Take the World's Best Concert Photos

New York music photographer Chris Owyoung shares a comprehensive tutorial on how to capture the best live music shots. His advice is excellent for photographers just starting out, as well as emerging photographers looking to polish their approach. Killer photos too! » Read the article

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