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Online Training That Works for You

Every month, our Client Services team hosts a series of live webinars to help set you up for success. Whether you’re just beginning or looking for new ways to go next-level, join a session below and let our team take you to school.

For Trial Members

First time user? See what PhotoShelter can do for you.

What’s inside:

  • Learn how to upload your work, organize it, and begin designing your website
  • Get an overview of some of our most popular image sharing and delivery features
  • Real-world examples of how other members are using our tools
  • Client Services’ tips and tricks
  • What to do when you’re ready to join
  • Live Q&A

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PhotoShelter 101

Best for PhotoShelter members who need some help smoothing out the setup edges. Our team will get you up and running fast.

What’s inside:

  • Learn more on website branding and customization
  • Get a closer look at the Image Browser, and how it can work for you
  • E-commerce overview
  • Client Services’ favorite features: Personal recommendations from the team
  • Live Q&A

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PhotoShelter 201

Best for members who already know their way around PhotoShelter, but want to dig deeper and learn about more advanced features.

What’s inside:

  • Get an in-depth look at proofing, sharing, and delivery tools to meet any client need
  • Advanced Image Browser techniques
  • Learn more about e-commerce options, from self-fulfilling prints to negotiating one-off licenses
  • SEO & Google Analytics overview
  • Live Q&A

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Train at Your Own Pace

View past webinars, or get feature-specific with our 40+ video tutorials.

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