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PhotoShelter Multi-User Agreement

By enrolling in a full, paid Multi-User account subscription, the users of the subscribing organization (the "organization") agree with PhotoShelter, Inc. ("PhotoShelter") operating the website (the "website") as follows:

  • The organization has read and understood: (a) the PhotoShelter Terms and Conditions (a copy of which can be found at and (b) the PhotoShelter fees schedule located at (collectively, the "Policies"). The organization hereby agrees to be bound by, and to abide and comply with, the Policies.
  • Any online transactions that are initiated, facilitated and/or completed online made by, with or on behalf of the organization using the services or PhotoShelter website shall be subject to a fee of eight percent (8%) of such sale amount, which fee shall be payable by the organization to PhotoShelter and shall be in addition to the fees, if any, charged by other merchants or vendors. Such fee shall be payable immediately upon the completion of such transaction. The organization authorizes PhotoShelter to invoice the organization or charge the credit card of the organization (as applicable) for such fees.
  • The organization hereby agrees to subscribe for the services set forth on Annex A attached hereto and agree to pay the charges and fees noted on said Annex A. The organization further agrees and acknowledges that the organization shall not be entitled to receive any refunds under any circumstances if he/she/it terminates the services during the course of any month.
  • The organization agrees that a login ID and password is to be used by one person and that there shall be no sharing of login IDs and passwords, nor will multiple users be permitted to access the website using the same login ID and password.
  • Protecting the login ID and password shall be the sole and exclusive responsibility of the organization and PhotoShelter or its affiliates shall have no responsibility in connection therewith.
  • The organization agrees to pay and be billed for the duration in which the organization subscribes for the services and there shall be no pro-ration of fees for subscribing during the course of the duration in which the organization subscribes for services or terminates the services.
  • The organization hereby agrees that the organization will pay for the services as noted within the account's Statements (listed at
  • PhotoShelter will provide the organization with 60 days notice prior to any package or pricing change.
  • The Policies (including the prices set forth therein or within the user's Statements) are subject to change at the sole discretion of PhotoShelter.
  • The organization agrees and hereby consents to PhotoShelter and the website identifying the organization as a customer or client of PhotoShelter and the website in any promotional, advertising and marketing material with prior, written consent.
  • The organization signatory hereby represents and warrants that if he/she is executing this agreement on behalf of an entity, he/ she is authorized to execute the agreement on behalf of such entity and bind such entity to the terms of this agreement.