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Elementary Education Mary Kate Denny(47 images)

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Elementary education_mixed ethnic children_learning
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  • One Vietnamese 7 year old girl with headphones works with mouse on computer and one African American 7+ girl observes in classroom in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Vietnamese second grade boy jumps and tosses basketball into school
  • Second grade black girl smiles broadly accepting reward from red headed white teacher
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  • Seven year old mixed black female in uniform writes on lined paper at desk in classroom in New Orleans
  • One Vietnamese American male seven year old in second grade classroom reads a book at his desk in New Orleans.
  • Two Vietnamese American children and one Caucasian girl_seven years old_in uniforms count play money in reading corner of elementary schoolroom in New Orleans
  • Blonde female teacher smiles and points to drawing and spelling list held by African American female second grade elementary smiling student in classroom
  • Woman teacher dressed as a leprechaun for St. Patrick's Day gives sticker to.happy black girl in uniform at school with white blonde girl watching.
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  • Black seven year old male in second grade classroom sits at auditory table listening to story with headphones and following the page.
  • Black 7+ girl with multiple braids in uniform writes on test in second grade class in school in Avondale suburb, New Orleans
  • Autistic Caucasian second grade boy in school uniform wears headphones and works on a computer with a LCD monitor in classroom
  • One African American seven year old boy wears earphones and listens to story while holding written page in classroom in New Orleans,Louisiana.
  • Red headed teacher in blue uniform shirt stands between a mixed black girl and Vietnamese American boy in second grade and explains to child out of picture
  • Caucasian red headed teacher smiles as she checks paper work of Vietnamese American seven year old boy in classroom in New Orleans
  • Two girls,Caucasian and African American,second graders read at their desk.together with classroom rules posted in the schoolroom in New Orleans
    EL0028Two g...jpg
  • One Vietnamese American boy, one Caucasian blonde girl watch one mixed race girl in second grade write in notebook at desk in classroom in New Orleans
  • Caucasian teacher points out picture in book telling a story to a mixed ethnic group of children in classroom in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Vietnamese American second grade female with school uniform concentrates and reads book at desk in classroom
  • Black female second grader with braids in her hair and wearing a uniform reads at her desk in schoolroom.
  • Vietnamese male second grader points to paper to help African American girl with braids at their desk in classroom in Louisiana
  • Vietnamese girl 7+ writes and ignores Vietnamese boy talking to her in classroom at desk
  • Autistic male second grade child in uniform wears headphones and sits at desk using mouse on a LCD computer away from other children in public school classroom in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Blonde autistic second grade male works in his book at his desk in school room in.Louisiana
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