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Seniors Mary Kate Denny(41 images)

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  • Mature red headed female fixes the collar of her black and white dog to walk outdoors in Louisiana
  • Mature female friends start to walk into William Faulkner's woods in Oxford, Mississippi as one woman in red turns to wait for friend
    SR0034One w...jpg
  • Senior woman wearing Ole Miss shirt from University of Mississippi leads other senior woman walking on path through William Faulkner Woods near Faulkner's home where he wrote in Oxford, Mississippi
    SR0018Two S...jpg
  • Three mature female friends wearing Ole Miss shirts rest on wooden country bridge in William Faulkner's Woods in Oxford, Mississippi
  • Two mature females clown in reflection of Chicago Cloud sculpture in Millineum Park, Chicago , Illinois
    SR0013Two s...jpg
  • Three mature females pose in comical poses at Anish Kapoor's Cloud Gate sculpture in Millenneum Park in Chicago, Illinois
  • Two  female alumnas design balloons,basket and mylar car balloon for table decoration at the 50th high school reunion
    SR0020Two s...jpg
  • Two senior women look at photos from high school at reunion
  • For 50th year reunion in Tulsa, OKlahoma, two senior men put up posters on wall of high school yearbook photographs and newspaper clippings
    SR0007Two s...jpg
  • Three alumna from high school decorate for 50th reunion of classmates and friends
  • Senior man wears glasses looks through magnifying glass to view photographs in photo album and smiles remembering good times.
  • Two  senior Caucasian women in casual clothing sit and talk together on stone wall in country garden in Vermont, USA
    SR0038Two w...jpg
  • Two Caucasian senior women laugh, talk and walk carrying maps in Rowan Oak Woods of William Faulkner in Oxford, Mississippi
    SR0039Two s...jpg
  • Senior women in casual clothing walk in single line hiking on pathway of fallen leaves in William Faulkner 's Rowan Oak Woods in Oxford, Mississippi
  • Men and women follow dance exercise teacher in movements on the beach at Playa del Rey, California
  • Mature females stand together in Rowan Woods listening to one senior man lecturing about the .William Faulkner home and woods in Oxford, Mississippi.