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Latest Hipstamatic/Instagram images by Jonathan Alcorn/JTA
  • High Clouds above the Venice sign in Venice Beach, California
    Venice Sign...jpg
  • Low tide exposes shells on the sand at Venice Beach
    Low Tide Ve...jpg
  • Low tide exposes a drainage pipleline at Venice Beach
    Pipeline Ve...jpg
  • Venice Beach Surfer
    Venice Beac...jpg
  • Shadows project on the sand under the Venice Beach pier.
    Venice Beac...jpg
  • Venice Beach pier.
    Venice Beac...jpg
  • Patterns at Venice Beach
    Venice Beac...jpg
  • Sea foam at Venice Beach
    Venice Beac...jpg
  • A man exercises on theVenice Beach Rings at sunset, February 6, 2013
    Venice Beac...jpg
  • Venice Beach pier during  a November sunset.
    venice pier...jpg
  • Wind ripples the sands of Venice Beach
    Sand Ripple...jpg
  • The Venice Beach pier reflects the glowing clouds at sunset following a day of rain. Photographed with an iPhone.
  • Venice bike path at dusk
  • Monsoon clouds in the sky at Sunset as seen from Playa del Rey, California. This is a hipstamatic image
    Tropical Pl...jpg
  • A crowd of people gathered at the Venice Beach Skate Park
  • Venice Skate Park in Venice Beach
  • Sunset at the penisula at Venice Beach
  • Twilight bicycle ride on the bike path at Venice Beach
  • Surfer near the Venice Pier
    Surfer Near...jpg
  • Beneath the Santa Monica Pier, June 27,  2012.
  • The Watts Towers in Los Angeles
    Watts Tower...jpg
  • Kids play in the Pacific Ocean at sunset on the summer solstice in Venice Beach, California
  • Grass grows on a Bike Lane sign modified to read "Bike Love" on Venice Blvd in Los Angeles, California on May 14, 2012.
    Bike Love.jpg
  • Runners on Venice Beach
    Venice Beac...jpg
  • A  surfer stands on Venice Beach shore
    Surfer on t...jpg