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Portfolio images of Los Angeles based photographer Ted Soqui.
  • Scenes of Los Angeles.
  • Trumpet player outside of LA's Union Station.
    IMG_0039 co...jpg
  • Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota.
  • Inmate with tattoos inside the reception housing unit..California State Prison, Los Angeles County.
    Prison 20
  • AFl-CIO President Richard Trumka delivering the keynote speech.<br />
The AFL-CIO convention opens in Los Angeles.
  • Occupy LA photos for Slake Magazine by Ted Soqui © 2012
    Occupy slak...JPG
  • The Zulu Parade. The Zulus are one of the most popular Krewes comprised mainly of blacks. The Zulus embrace African tribal and black American culture in their parade. Many of the Zulus are Katrina survivors..Mardis Gras six months after hurricane Katrina damaged much of New Orleans. The city is still empty in the lower 9th and ward and St. Bernards Parish, but many of the cities residents came back to participate and celebrate..
    Mardis Gras..s 51
  • Winter in New Mexico..A painting with a reflection of winter trees in the window of a Santa Fe art gallery.
  • Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman meeting with Asian and other supporters at the Pacific Palms Hotel..Whitman lost her bid to become California's first female governor. She spent over $140 million dollars of her own personal fortune, making hers the most expensive non-presidential campaign in U.S. history.
    Meg Whitman 73
  • The newly elected mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, giving his victory speech at the Hollywood Palladium.
  • LA City Councilman and candidate for mayor of LA, Eric Garcetti, at his election party. .Eric Garcetti along with candidate Wendy Gruel, will now face-off for the run-off vote on May 21, 2013.
  • President Gorbachev meets with LA Mayor & City Council to Present Case for Energy Shift & Urgent Action on Global Warming. .In 1993, Mikhail Gorbachev founded Green Cross International (Global Green is the U.S. affiliate) to advocate for global solutions to environmental problems. As the former USSR premier prepares to lobby the G8 nations to take climate change seriously, the Los Angeles City Council honored him with an illuminated scroll recognizing his many accomplishments and his breadth of vision, and Council President Garcetti introduced a resolution supporting Global Green's Energy Shift campaign to put sustainable energy and solutions to climate change central on the G8 agenda
    Mikhail Gor.. 116
  • Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin at the Home Depot Center in Carson, CA.
    Sarah Palin 44
  • CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger..CA Gov. Schwarzenegger with NY Mayor Bloomberg and Penn. Gov. Rendell held a press conference to call on the Federal government to invest in the US infrastructure. Citing many infrastructure failures in the recent past including the levees of New Orleans and the bridge in Minnestota, they are calling for immediate bi-partisan action from the Federal Government to help pay for repairs and expansion of the aging US infrastructure. They are also calling on help from the private sector..
  • A young Indonesian girl in Jakarta.<br />
Various scenes of the city of Jakarta in Indonesia.
  • Occupy LA in it's 13 day. A small group of protesters marched from LA city hall to the Bank of America building in downtown LA. They chanted and held a peaceful rally on the front steps of the giant bank building.
  • A group of children walk on a sidewalk on Adams Blvd. past several burned down businesses. .Los Angeles has undergone several days of rioting due to the acquittal of the LAPD officers who beat Rodney King..Hundreds of businesses were burned to the ground and over 55 people have been killed.
    LA Riot_045.JPG
  • Pepper, a homeless man living on the banks of the LA river.<br />
Scenes of Los Angeles.
  • Sisters Celia Nunnery and Carolyn Rae (lt) hold each other at the new Industrial Canal Levee..Citizens of the 9th Ward of New Orleans marched over the two bridges over the industrial canal to commemorate the Hurricane Katrina disaster one year ago today..Residents of the Lower 9th threw flowers into the canal and then marched into Downtown New Orleans..
    New Orleans.. 111
  • A first birthday party for Hector Campbell born on 8/28/05, one day before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. He was born in Touru Hospital located in New Orleans. His Father Mervin Campbell is a trumpeter for the Treme Brass Band who paraded with him in his arms in the neighborhood of Treme.
    New Orleans 133
  • The lower ninth ward of New Orleans in the morning light..The ninth ward is still empty of it's residents six months after hurricane Katrina..Mardis Gras celebrations have begun in the city.
    New Orleans..rd 4
  • A white cross in front of a house foundation at 2435 Gordon in the 9th Ward of New Orleans one year after Hurricane Katrina. ...
    New Orleans..d 74
  • A view of iconic Los Angeles City Hall building in spring.
  • California Hot Rod Reunion and Cacklefest at the Auto Club Raceway in Famoso.
  • The Space Shuttle Atlantis on back of a specially designed 747-100. The 747 will ferry the shuttle back to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida..Edwards Air Force Base,Dreyden Flight Research Center..
    Shuttle Atl..s 10