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Favorite underwater View.
  • Posidonia-Posidonie (Posidonia oceanica) of Méditerranée.
  • Sergeant major-Sergent major (Abudefduf saxatilis), Playa del carmen, Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.
    Abudefduf s...jpg
  • Anthias-Barbier commun (Anthias anthias) of Red Sea, Egypt.
  • Pipe sponge - Eponge tubulaire (Aplysina archeri), Cozumel, Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.
    Aplysina ar...jpg
  • The blacktip shark-Requin bordé (Carcharhinus limbatus), South Africa.
  • Semicircle angelfish-Poisson ange à demi-cercles (Holacanthus semicirculatus), indian ocean, South Africa.
    Semicircle ...jpg
  • Soft Corals- Alcyonaire (Alcyonacea) of Red Sea, Sudan.
  • Yellow gorgonian-Gorgone jaune (Eunicella cavolinii) of Méditerranée.
  • Blue shark-Requin bleu (Prionace glauca), Pico Island, Azores Archipelago.
    Blue shark ...jpg
  • Bicolor Gorgonian-Gorgone bicolore (Gorgonacea) of Méditerranée, the Imperial, Riou island, Marseille.
  • Red gorgonian-Gorgone rouge (Paramuricea clavata) and Barber fish-Barbier commun (Anthias anthias) of Méditerranée.
  • Mediterranean fanworm-Spirographe (Sabella spallanzanii) of Méditerranée.
  • Giant Dusky Grouper-Mérou brun (Epinephelus marginatus) of Méditerranée.
  • Cardinalfish-Apogon (Apogon imberbis), mediterranean sea.
  • Blue shark-Requin bleu (Prionace glauca), Pico Island, Azores Archipelago.
    Blue shark ...jpg
  • Snappers fish-Vivaneaux (Lutjanidae), Playa del carmen, Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.
  • Giant Dusky Grouper-Mérou brun (Epinephelus marginatus) of Méditerranée.
  • Comber-Sevran chevrette (Serranus cabrilla) of Méditerranée
  • Jellyfish-Méduse (Cnidaria) of Méditerranée.
  • Gorgonian-Gorgone (Gorgonacea) of Red Sea, Egypt.
  • Red lionfish-Rascasse volante (Pterois volitans) of Red Sea, Egypt.
    Pterois vol...jpg
  • Snubnose grouper-Mérou Tapis (Epinephelus macrospilos), indian ocean, South Africa.
  • Cenote El Eden-Pondera, Yucatan peninsula, Mexico.
    Cenote El E...jpg
  • Red scorpionfish-Rascasse rouge (Scorpaena scrofa) of Méditerranée.
  • The Sand tiger shark or Spotted ragged-tooth shark (Carcharias taurus) belongs to the family of «Odontaspididae». He is present in three big oceans, Red Sea and in the Mediterranean Sea. He can live more than 20 years for a maximum size of 2,80m, sometimes more of 3m. We distinguish him by a massive and lengthened body, the sides are grey-brown and the white stomach. His snout and of conical shape. He has two wide dorsal fins with almost equal size. His mouth is furnished with three rows of functional teeth disentangled in the shape of canine. Wide spots can cover the whole body and disappear when it reaches its sexual maturity. He possesses the peculiarity than to gulp down of the on-surface air to compensate its buoyancy because he has no swim bladder. The shark-bull is an ovoviviparous species. One of its peculiarities is also called intra-uterine cannibalism «oophagie». The gestation is of 9 months for one small only one.The Sand tiger shark is put in danger by its intensive, commercial and sports fishing. He is classified "Vulnerable" by the red list of the UICN.
    Carcharias ...jpg