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Varanasi Burn Ward(16 images)

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The burn ward at the large government hospital in Varanasi, India is a desolate place. Apart from limited visits by one doctor and two nurses, families are left to care for the victims of dowry burnings and kerosene accidents. India's most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, ranks highest in the world for mortal flame burns.
  • 16-year-old Rani Pandey soaks in the sun and recovers from a painful bathing in the garbage-strewn courtyard outside the ward. Her family said she was burned in a kitchen accident, though evidence points to a possible dowry incident. Her husband from a recent marriage and his family never came to visit at the hospital
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  • The charred arm of Raj Kumar Bharti is suspended in air while other wounds are cleaned with iodine.  A 26-year-old painter, Bharti's burns cover nearly 100 percent of his body after a faulty junction box along a power line exploded while painting a building.
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