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Truck & Big Rig Stock Images(38 images)

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Trucks and big rigs of all kinds, seen speeding down the highway, parked at the warehouse dock, picking up trailers at the intermodal yard at night, etc...
  • At dusk, a tank truck speeds over the Murray Baker Bridge on I-74 in Peoria, IL.
    Truckin' Ov..idge
  • grain-truck.jpg
  • As the sinks towards the horizon, a semi tractor trailer truck rolls north on I-55 in Central Illinois.
  • Late in the evening, a semi truck speeds across the tall and massive structure on the Chicago Skyway spanning the Calumet River.
    Speeding Ac..yway
  • Bouncing the old bridge up and down, a semi truck loaded with steel slabs rumbles across the 100th St. bridge over the Calumet River as the coal loading docks at the KCBX Terminal stand in the background.
    The Industr..Side
  • The bridge tender tower stands guard over the old lift bridge across the Calumet River at 100th St. on the south side of Chicago as a tractor trailer truck speeds across the structure.
    Across the ..umet
  • Traffic is going slow but moving as a winter snowstorm blankets Chicagoland. A white semi tractor trailer rig attempts to make it's way through to deliver its cargo.
    White Truck..Snow
  • A small refrigerated truck sits waiting for it's next cargo on the side streets in Chicago's meat packing district.
    Small Box T..ouse
  • Two modes of transportation meet as a box truck passes overhead, with a loaded coal train on the tracks below.
    Truck and C..nset
  • Keeping the interstate clear of snow is a challenging job during the harsh winters in northern Illinois, but this Illinois Tollway crew is doing their best to keep motorists safe, plowing the shoulders of the highway.
    Snowplow on..hway
  • Chicago is a confluence of several interstate highways, and thus a major hub for trucking. This truck is rolling down the Eisenhower Expressway, westbound out of Chicago's Loop.
    Semi Truck .. Pan
  • Several refrigerated trailers are lined up at the dock door of a warehouse in the meat packing district of Chicago.
    Red Freezer..Dock
  • Speeding down a wide interstate highway, a truck carrying an ocean container is headed for a rail ramp or customer.
    Speed Blur ..ight
  • Relaxing for the night, a row of cement mixer trucks are lined up awaiting duty the next morning, delivering cement to construction sites around the region.
    Cement Mixe..ight
  • A plain white truck and tractor rig heads down I-88 in northern Illinois.
    Plain White..tate
  • Delivering goods to it's many stores, a Wal-Mart truck heads down I-88 through a barren winter/spring landscape.
    Wal Mart Tr..tate
  • An eastbound big rig is speeding down I-88 in northern Illinois.
    Speed Blur ..ruck
  • Modern trucks have sleek lines, as displayed by this tractor trailer rig speeding by an interstate on ramp.
    Speed Blur ..tate
  • An old vintage Mack truck is westbound on the I-88 toll road in northern Illinois.
    Older Truck..hway
  • The driver of this plain white tractor trailer rig checks the brake and light connections to the trailer before hitting the road.
    Plain White..ouse
  • With a dock full of trailers, a tractor backs up to the dock to pick up a trailer full of newspapers at a warehouse in Chicago.
    Trailers Li..Dock
  • Turning to head for the road, a tractor trailer rig leaves the warehouse yard.
    Truck Leavi..Dock
  • Turning to head for the road, a tractor trailer rig leaves the warehouse yard.
    Truck Leavi..Dock
  • Making a sharp corner, a tractor trailer rig is blurred as several other rigs prepare to head out to the road as well.
    Trucks at W..Dock
  • With the dock doors full of trailers, a newspaper printing warehouse is preparing for the morning run.
    Plain White..ouse