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The amazing world of nature is everywhere, if we only stop to look
  • A close-up of a gazania, also know as the "treasure flower".
    Treasure Fl..jpg)
  • A succulent floral abstract swirling deep into the sacred feminine.
    Luscious Ka..jpg)
  • Japanese maple during autumn at Van Dusen Botanical Garden.
    Japanese Ma..jpg)
  • Floating Hydrangea blossoms surrounding a piece of bamboo in a pond.
    Nature's Bo..jpg)
  • A row of red cabbages ready for Fall harvest.
    Cabbage Pat..jpg)
  • A trio of crocuses emerges from among the grass
    Crocus Trio..jpg)
  • A Lenten Rose floats gently on the pond.
    Solace for ..jpg)
  • The beauty of the African Daisy in abstract.
    Daring to b..jpg)
  • A meadow full of spring lupine.
    Lovely Lupi..jpg)
  • An intimate look at a beaderded iris.
    Getting Per..jpg)
  • A glorious young sunflower on a summer day.
  • All the lovely colors of autumn on one tree.
    Colors of A..jpg)
  • The gentle breeze enhanced the rich plushness of the Potentilla 'William Rollison' (Cinquefoil) petals.
    Plush Petal..jpg)
  • A golden maple shows off its colors at the edge of a pond in Van Dusen Botanical Garden.
    Golden Mapl..jpg)
  • A close-up of a striking red and yellow Gazania.
    Solar Flare..jpg)
  • A distant light invokes memories of warmer days.
    Memories of..jpg)
  • Maple leaves find a soft resting place on a bed of ornamental grass.
    A Soft Plac..jpg)
  • A few droplets of rain remain on an autumn leaf drying in the sun.
    Raindrops o..jpg)
  • A tranquil place to take in Autumn's splendor.
    On a Lone A..jpg)
  • A colorful mix of Autumn leaves.
    Pick a Colo..jpg)
  • Close-up of bright red cosmos in full bloom.
    Scarlet Cos..jpg)
  • A maple shows off its transition to autumn colors.
    Look at Me ..jpg)
  • The beauty and tenderness of love encapsulated by a stunning red Tulip.
    Flowers are..jpg)
  • A selective focus macro of a strawflower with petals resembling flames.
    On Fire (WM..jpg)
  • Softly focused red Strawflower