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Photos of animals ranging from our pet cat to insects to reef fish.
  • A young preying mantis is silhouetted on the side of a tree.
    ae young pr...jpg
  • This wasp stings and kills the cicadid to provide food for its nest.
    ae cicadid ...jpg
  • A turtle soaks up sun at the base of a cypress tree.
    ae1Nov2007 ...jpg
  • An American Alligator soaks up the sun.
    ae1Nov2007 ...jpg
  • The turtles are sharing their sunning spot with a small American alligator.
    ae2Nov2007 ...jpg
  • An American alligator suns on the bank of the Wakulla River.
    ae2Nov2007 ...jpg
  • When the base of this cypress tree broke off, examination of the rings date the tree as being over 700 years old.  The tree is still alive and growing.
    ae2Nov2007 ...jpg
  • This cyrpress trees demonstrates the classic buttressed lower trunk and adjacent knees of its species.
    ae2Nov2007 ...jpg
  • Turtle soak up the sun on a cool day.
    aeNov2007 0...jpg
  • A cypress tree in fall colors draped in spanish moss.  Cypress trees grow slowly, so the age of this tree is estimated to be close to 1000 years.
    aeNov2007 0...jpg
  • A turtle soaks up sun at the base of a cypress tree.
    ae1Nov2007 ...jpg
  • The green tree frog will eat anything it can swallow.  During the day, it tries, but doesn't always succeed, to find a camoflaged resting place.
    aegreen tre...jpg
  • Aphids are soft bodies insects that live on plants.  Egg cases are visible in the photos with the aphids.
    aeed aphids...jpg
  • Young normal phase lubber grasshopers climb up grass instinctively.
    aefgt 040.jpg
  • Young light phase lubber grasshopers climb up grass instinctively.
    aefgt 044.jpg
  • A swallowtail butterfly stops for a nectar break on a thistle blossom.
    aeSurf Road...jpg
  • The narrow mouth toad is seldom see in the open.  It is know for its call that sounds like the bleat of a lamb.
    ae narrowmo...jpg
  • The smaller male grasshopper mounts the larger female during mating.
    ae mating g...jpg
  • FGT 076.jpg
  • Crayfish excavate burrows down to groundwater in wetland edges.  They pile the soil they excavate above the hole to form a mound.  This mound is unusally large and close to a tree.
    ae crayfish...jpg
  • Bettles, ants and other insects rumble around a prickly pear flower collecting nectar and pollen.  The pollen is shared with the next flower that they visit, which begins the next catcus generation.
    ae catcus f...jpg
  • The dragonfly is aptly named.  The nymph stage is a predator in the water devouring other larval stages.  The adult is a predator on the wing that loves mosquitos and other small insects.
    ae dragonfl...jpg
  • The babworm moth larva uses bits ot twigs to form its cocoon.
    ae bagworm ...jpg
  • The female Black Swallowtail has iridesent blue on the hind wing.
    ae femail b...jpg
  • This katydid is singing its heart out.
    ae katydid ...jpg