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Birds in Flight(151 images)

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Collection of images of various birds in flight including bald eagle, belted kingfisher, northern harrier, razorbills,spoonbill, black crowned night heron and hummingbirds. All images are captured with the birds in the air during flight.
  • Bald Eagle chasing an Osprey in flight. The two birds are beside each other over water.
    Bald Eagle ...tif
  • Bald Eagle chasing an Osprey with fish, both birds in flight
    Bald Eagle ...tif
  • A Bald Eagle flying around harassing an Osprey  with a fish over water. Both birds are in flight
    Bald Eagle ...tif
  • Bald Eagle poised to steal fish from Osprey. Bald Eagle has talons forward. Both birds in flight over water
    Bald Eagle ...tif
  • Osprey in flight wings aloft, with large fish flying towards camera against sky
    Osprey in f...tif
  • An Arctic Tern in flight with wings aloft, hovering against blue sky. Image is vertical
    Arctic Tern...tif
  • Female Hooded Merganser taking off in flight from wetlands water, water droplets visible around feet and tail.  Duck is surrounded by reeds.
    Female Hood...tif
  • Bright Male House Finch in flight against green background
    Male House ...tif
  • Adult Bald Eagle  lifting off from water with fish
    Adult Bald ...tif
  • Female Purple Martin hovering in flight against cloudy sky
    Female Purp...tif
  • Male Purple Martin in flight with dragonfly in beak
    male Purple...tif
  • Least Bittern taking off in flight in rain at Viera Wetlands
    Least Bitte...tif
  • Female Belted Kingfisher in flight over water with wings aloft
    Female Belt...tif
  • White Pelic...tif
  • Belted Kingfisher landing on bare tree with wings out
    Kingfisher ...tif
  • Female Purple Martin in flight with bug in beak
    Female Purp...tif
  • Barred Owl in flight on cloudy day
    Barred Owl ...tif
  • Juvenile Black-Crowned night Heron in flight against green vegetation background
    Juvenile Bl...tif
  • Juvenile Black-Crowned Night Heron taking off in flight in green flowering vegetation
    Juvenile Bl...tif
  • Barred Owl landing in a tree with feet out in front
    Barred Owl ...tif
  • Adult Harris's Hawk in flight with wings in upstroke, flying over an open field
    Harris's Ha...tif
  • Adult Harris's Hawk in flight with wings in downstroke
    Harris's Ha...tif
  • American Kestral in flight  flying towards camera
    American Ke...tif
  • Belted Kingfisher flying out of water after catching a fish with fish in beak
    Kingfisher ...tif
  • Female Bufflehead in flight over water with wings in upstroke
    Female Buff...tif