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Wildlife(60 images)

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A diverse collection of wildlife images including black bear, grizzly bear, moose, moose calf, bison, coyote, alligator and elk, bighorn sheep, frogs, iguana, marine life, and crocodiles
  • Black Bear cub sitting in garden
    Bear cub in...tif
  • Black Bear Cub lying on patio
    Bear cub on...tif
  • Black bear looking up at the sky in n urban garden in Asheville, NC
    bear gazing...tif
  • Head of an adult Bighorn Ram in profile
  • Black Bear sitting in the garden in Asheville, North Carolina among the daylilies
    black bear ...tif
  • Black Bear in woods in North Carolina Mountains
    Black Bear ...tif
  • Black Bear in the woods in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina
    Black Bear ...tif
  • BlackBear in the woods of western NC mountains with his tongue sticking out
    Black Bear ...tif
  • Black Bear walking through a field   in Yellowstone National Park
    Black Bear ...tif
  • Close view of a black bear's face sitting in an urban garden in North Carolina Blueridge Mountains
    Black Bear ...tif
  • Black bear in Yellowstone, searching for berries among berry bushes
    Black Bear ...tif
  • Black Ground Hog Sitting on back legs eating an apple
    Black Groun...tif
  • Black Ground Hog eating apple under an apple tree
    black groun...tif
  • Blue Morphus Butterfly sitting on a man's hand with wings spread wide, against a green background
    Blue morphu...tif
  • Brown bear in a meadow of yellow wildflowers
  • Close view of a buffalo's face with tongue sticking out
    buffalo fac...tif
  • Bull Elk in profile, bugling
    Bull Elk Bu...tif
  • A Bull Elk crossing the river, approaching a cow during the rut
    Bull Elk cr...tif
  • Large Bull Elk antlers in velvet, standing in a grassy field with feet in water in evening light
    Bull Elk in...tif
  • Bull Elk standing near river, bugling
    Bull Elk st...tif
  • Coyote drinking in river in Yellowstone National Park
    Coyote drin...tif
  • Coyote waking down a slope, hunting in Yellowstone
    Coyote Hunt...tif
  • Buff colored coyote standing in wildflowers in Wyoming
    coyote in w...tif
  • Coyote sitting in field in Yellowstone National Park
    Coyote sitt...tif
  • Elk in silhouette standing in the mountains at sunrise
    Elk at sunr...tif