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Sacred Datura / Datura wrightii(10 images)

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  • This specimen flower of the sacred datura (Datura wrightii) features a lavender margin edging its white, trumpet-shaped, golden-throated bloom.  Photographed at early sunrise, the fragile flower glows pale blue in indirect light bounced off the stucco walls of my garden where this bush grew. A sacred plant used in rites of passage and other ceremonies among various Native American tribes, Datura wrightii's flower essence appeals to modern holistic health practitioners seeking its visionary potential and affirmation of personal transformation.
    datura 2.jpg
  • Datura in full bloom, white trumpet tipped with tinges of pale lavendar and petals glowing with soft reflected morning light; overhead image; green leaves in background; excellent specimen photograph
    datura 1.jpg
  • Sunlight glows through datura's back-lit trumpet and highlights the pastel pink, blue, and purple opalescence of the flower's frilly edge and fragile texture.   Horizontal close-up image displays white flower in profile against a dark featureless background.
    datura 3.jpg
  • Sacred datura's ephemeral trumpet-shaped white bloom displays pink pistils, purple-edged frill, and a soft pink glow.  Indirect light during an April morning's golden hour highlights the fragile flower's fleshy texture in this horizontal image.
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