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West Virginia Scenics(19 images)

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A collection of scenic landscapes, farms, fall foliage, Americana and nature from the Appalachian mountains of rural West Virginia, USA
  • Swan head and neck with it's beak dripping water. The swan's reflection is mirrored in the water
    mirrored sw...tif
  • Bright fall foliage in a valley in the mountains in West Virginia with a barn and cows visible
    Fall colors...tif
  • Pond with American flag and swan in rural West Virginia
    Pond in Mil...tif
  • Rural valley scene in mountains of West Virginia with brilliant fall foliage and abandoned shed in foreground
    Rural scene...tif
  • Cow walking along a dirt road infront of a fence in the Sinks of Gandy, West Virginia
    sinks of ga...tif
  • Brilliant fall colors reflected in a lake in West Virginia Mountains
    Lake Reflec...tif
  • Pair of  Mute Swans in the water with reflections visible
    Pair of mut...tif
  • Farm scene with barn and shed and split rail fence in rural West Virginia
    Farm scene ...tif
  • View of the cab of an abandoned rusted truck in the woods in rural West Virginia mountains. The door is open and the inside of the cab is visible
    old truck.tif
  • Rural farm scene in West Virginia mountains with fall foliage in the background and a red barn and pond in the foreground.  Image is vertical
    Red Barn in...tif
  • Hill's Creek Falls-Lower Falls in Rural West Virginia Mountains, located in the Monongahela National Forest
    Hill's Cree...tif
  • Old chinked log house with stone chimney and tin roof in rural West Virginia
    old log hou...tif
  • Peaceful valley scene in Spruce Knob West Virginia.  The valley is surrounded with mountains and a fence, barn and shed are visible in the valley
    valley scen...tif
  • Bright fall color in rural West Virginia mountains with farm scene in foreground and large tree
    West Vrigin...tif
  • Old gray truck abandoned in a cemetery in rural Blueridge Mountains of West Virginia
    Old Truck i...tif
  • Valley scene in Sinks of Gandy West Virginia with rolling hills, old shed and bright orange leaves
    Valley scen...tif
  • Fall Sunrise from the Highland Scenic Highway in West Virginia
    Sunrise fro...tif
  • Bright Red Barn with pond and fall foliage in West Virginia Mountains
    Red Barn in...tif
  • Bright red barn with antique car and tractor, with lifesize figure falling off a ladder in front of Sharp's Country Store, Slatyfork, West Virginia
    Red Barn in...tif