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A collection of bird photography including bald eagles, songbirds, wading birds, black-necked stilt, roseate spoonbills, black crowned night herons, least bitterns,swans, sora, purple gallinule, pileated woodpeckers, woodstorks and ravens with action, in-flight and feeding shots.
  • Reddish Egret in breeding colors, standing in water with ruffled feathers
    Reddish Egr...tif
  • Two Sandhill Crane chicks sharing an insect between them with adult Sandhill in background after feeding the chicks
    Sandhill Cr...tif
  • A pair of very wet very young Sandhill Crane chicks standing in grass with Mom's leg visible
    Pair of ver...tif
  • Sandhill Crane chick standing at edge of water with adult Sandhill legs in background
    Sandhill Cr...tif
  • Scarlet Ibis Standing on one leg, by water on wood post in Florida
    Scarlet Ibi...tif
  • Female American Robin perched on branch against blue sky
    American Ro...tif
  • Great Kiskadee perched on a rock with water
    Great Kiska...tif
  • Juvenile Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron perched on dead limb in evening light
    Juvenile Ye...tif
  • Close view of a Brown Pelican against blue water and sky
    Brown Pelic...tif
  • Close view of Blue-Crowned Parakeet perched on limb
    Close view ...tif
  • Northern Mockingbird perched on limb with yellow berries with a yellow berry in beak
  • Blue-crowned parakeet perched on tree in Florida
  • Pair of Blue-crowned parakeets, snuggling
    Pair of Blu...tif
  • Close view of face of a Plain Chachalaca
    Plain Chach...tif
  • Male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak perched in Hemlock
    Male Rose-B...tif
  • Bobwhite Quail Chick on gravel road
    Baby BobWhi...tif
  • Adult Limpkin transferring an apple snail to it's downy chick with beak opren
    Limpkin fee...tif
  • Limpkin adult feeding apple snaill to it's downy chick, snail is in chick's mouth
    Limpkin fee...tif
  • Great Kiskadee landing on branch with red berries
    Kiskedee la...tif
  • Florida Scrub Jay perched in leafy tree
    Florida Scr...tif
  • Long-Billed thrasher taking a bird bath in a puddle
  • A very colorful Green Jay perched on a tree branch in forest
    Green Jay p...tif
  • Male Pyrrhuloxia perched on a tree limb with bird in profile
    Male Pyrrhu...tif
  • Eastern Bluebird perched on branch in evening sun
    Eastern Blu...tif
  • Adult Tree Swallow attempting to feed nestling at nest box, insect is dropping from adult's beak
    Tree Swallo...tif