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Cultural | Scenic Images by Wenata Babkowski(63 images)

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  • © Wenata Babkowski. All rights reserved.<br />
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A sprinkling of rain sprays down on a crowd watching a performance in Shenzhen, China as rays of sun shimmer through the drizzle. One of the 50 winning images selected for the Digital Photographer of the Year 2007 Competition.
    Laughter in..jpg)
  • The vivid hues detailing this ornate replica at Window of the World portrays the artistry of traditional Oriental architecture
    Brilliant B..jpg)
  • An ornate, timeworn oriental shield stands the test of time.
    Shield of T..jpg)
  • This unusual perspective of the Central District of Hong Kong gives a very different view on this usually bustling metropolis, with the buildings rising into the overcast sky and clear-cut contrasting black and whites below.
    A Different..jpg)
  • A replica of an armour-clad horse at Window of the World in Shenzhen
    Steadfast D..jpg)
  • A fierce ethereal dragon protects Po Lin Monastery.
    Ghostly Dra..jpg)
  • A burdened recycler is caught in the chaotic disorder of Chinese traffic.
    Caught in C..jpg)
  • A young man thoroughly enjoying cooking food to order in a Shenzhen market.
    Joy of Cook..jpg)
  • Handle of an ancient urn at Buddhist temple in Dapeng Fortress.
    Rusty Relic..jpg)
  • An ancient offering cauldron at Buddhist Temple in Shenzhen, China.
    Ancient Cau..jpg)
  • The beautifully elaborate ceiling of Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island, Hong Kong.
    Lanterns an..jpg)
  • A golden Koi bursts above the frenzied crowd, trying to get the first bite.
    Above the c..jpg)
  • Peking ducks hang in a window display in Shenzhen.
    Which to Ch..jpg)
  • A unique perspective of a Buddha statue, creating a feeling of zen.
  • An elderly street beggar sits against a wall with head bowed, hoping for a donation in their red cup.
    Red Cup of ..jpg)
  • An ancient window in Dapeng Fortress stares into space on a barren wall with its perfect shadows and highlights. This photograph strongly gives the illusion of a painting.
    Window on C..jpg)
  • An acient dragon watches over Po Lin Monastery in Hong Kong
    Ancient Gua..jpg)
  • A dog impatiently waits for his owner on their houseboat. This is an unusual domestic scene, given that dogs are a great rarity and luxury in China, paticularly for a poor boat person.
    I've Been W..jpg)
  • Incense burning in timeworn stone incense pot at small street-side alter in the last remaining Shenzhen hutong.
    Timeworn In..jpg)
  • A broom and shovel, two timeless tools for maintaining ancient relics in Beijing.
    Timeless To..jpg)
  • The many layers of the Forbidden City.
    Layers Thro..jpg)
  • A row of wooden benches line a wall within the Forbidden City.
    Empty Bench..jpg)
  • One of the many gateways within the Forbidden City.
    Gateway (WM..jpg)
  • A plum tree blossoms in the Forbidden City.
    Spring in t..jpg)
  • An ancient iron door knocker in the Forbidden City.
    Ancient Doo..jpg)