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Cultural | Scenic Images by Wenata Babkowski(63 images)

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  • A golden maple shows off its colors at the edge of a pond in Van Dusen Botanical Garden.
    Golden Mapl..jpg)
  • The start of autumn's colors at Van Dusen Botanical Garden.
    Autumn Has ..jpg)
  • Vine-covered old stone archway at Van Dusen Botanical Garden.
    The Archway..jpg)
  • Sailboats moored safely in calm waters.
    Safe Harbou..jpg)
  • Mountains emerging from the aftermath of a storm
    Mountains i..jpg)
  • South Beach is  a beautiful and rugged stretch of beach along the west coast of Vancouver Island.
    Stormy Sout..jpg)
  • Beautiful Wickaninnish Beach at the tail-end of one of its infamous storms.
    Stormy Sky ..jpg)
  • A storm approaches Long Beach on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.
  • A lovely maiden statue overlooks the lilies at Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park.
    Immortal Ma..jpg)
  • A haze of ghostly trees materializes from the misty drizzle of rain and gusty wind.
    Apparition ..jpg)
  • A couple braves the snowstorm to stroll along the snow-covered pier at White Rock
    Alone in th..jpg)
  • The illuminated curved facade of the Hong Kong Cultural Center in Kowloon at night.
    Hong Kong C..jpg)
  • Staircase at Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament in Notre-Dame Basilica of Montréal
    Serpentine ..jpg)