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Images of the BRIGHTON TO BRIGHTON CYCLOSPORTIVE, are now available with extra images added 11th October.

To find your photos input the following into the search box 2013B2B and then your number ie 2013B2B003 OR 2013B2B128

There are some riders we took photos of that didn't have a number clearly shown on their handlebars, to check these photos input into the search area 2013B2B followed by a question mark ie 2013B2B?

If you like an image and wish to purchase it you can either download a digital image or order prints. After clicking on the image you like and then clicking on the Buy Licence button choose either Prints or Downloads (top right) on the page.

Photos from the Brighton to Brighton Cyclosportive 2013 are by Sarah Bane & Keri Lummis. Photo Editor Rupert Rivett.

If you wish to purchase any of these images for commercial reasons or publication then please follow the digital download commercial / Editorial option. if your images are just for personal use you can either order professional prints or personal digital downloads.
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Avelo images cover sporting events, corporate events, weddings, and other social gatherings for event organisers. As well as carry out feature photography for different publications.

Whatever the event we can produce stunning images for public relations and for press release/editorial purposes.

If you need an event photographer to cover an event we can supply experienced professional photographers to cover your event for a minimal charge and in some cases for free!

If you would like to know more about what we can offer please in the first instance contact our resident chief Photographer Rupert Rivett for futher details.

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Some Tour de France images.
A few pictures from the the Nocturne Road Races in Smithfields London.
Avelo images shot these pictures of the Rumble Cyclosportive. Another excellent event organised...


Rupert Rivett
B2B CYCLOSPORTIVE by Rupert Rivett
Above Images of the Brighton to Brighton Sportive also by Sarah Bane for Avelo Images.
IG Markets London Nocturne by Rupert Rivett
The London Nocturne Races 2012. Photos by Rupert Rivett for Avelo Images ©2012