Robert vanWaarden
Montreal H2T2Y8
+1 514 627 4684

David Wargert
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Professional photographers focusing on photography of the international youth climate movement. Stock Photography collection from the UNFCCC, COP 13, COP 14, COP 15 and action from the climate movement around the world including, Powershift, USA, Powershift UK, the Capitol Coal Action and Climate Camp.
Climate change photography. Iceberg photographs, photography of the arctic, melting ice, and...
Photography of Power Shift 2009 in Washington DC. The largest convergence of students to prevent...
Photographs from from the International Youth Movement and the United Nations Climate talks in...
Photography of the international youth climate movement. Photographs includ images from the...
Photography and images from the UKYCC PowerShift Conference, held on Oct. 9-12, brought together...
International Youth Involvement at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Poznan, Poland.
Defend Our Climate by Robert van Waarden
Powershift 2013 by Robert van Waarden
Force - Stories behind Wind Energy by Robert van Waarden
Coal on the Black Mesa by Robert van Waarden
Tar Sands - Selects from Indigenous Project in Northern Alberta by Robert van Waarden
Selects from a photography project about how the Tar Sands is impacting the Indigenous Peoples of...