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Better customization tools give photographers greater control to create unique presentations of their photos and websites

New York, NY, October 28, 2010 - PhotoShelter (, the leader in photography websites, photo sales and archiving tools for photographers, today announced a series of new features that give photographers greater control over their websites to help grow their online businesses. The latest features provide hundreds of new options for customizing a PhotoShelter website so photographers can stand out from the crowd, including:

  • Typekit ( integration, which provides more typography options for better looking websites with fonts that work on virtually any browser
  • A clean portfolio module which allows photographers to select up to 6 galleries to showcase in a presentation typically reserved for Flash-based websites
  • The "Photo Wall" homepage option which provides photographers with hundreds of visually interesting ways to present their top photo galleries
  • A new website theme for PhotoShelter Standard and Pro users, "SouthPaw," featuring a left-side navigation bar

"We are constantly focused on giving photographers new ways to distinguish their photos and websites in an effort to help enhance their sales and business growth," said CEO Allen Murabayashi. "We're especially proud to be one of the first large scale integrations of Typekit's technology, which gives websites incredible design capabilities by incorporating more exciting typography."

"Partnering with PhotoShelter means that thousands of individual photographers will now instantly have an opportunity to create more visually stunning websites using Typekit fonts," said Jeffrey Veen, CEO of Small Batch, the maker of TypeKit. Thanks to our integration, better typography can be achieved in seconds using PhotoShelter's website templates. PhotoShelter photographers will truly stand out as unique with the benefit of more exciting font options for their websites, instead of the typical, boring web fonts we too commonly see across most photography websites."

PhotoShelter's new Portfolio module gives photographers a separate mechanism to showcase their top content. "In the past, many of our customers relied on integrating Flash-based portfolio websites with PhotoShelter to provide a full range of functionality and meet the needs of their clients. Those complicated and costly solutions are no longer necessary," said Murabayashi. PhotoShelter's Portfolio module is a non-Flash-based mechanism available to all levels of PhotoShelter users. It provides a clean and dramatic interface for displaying a photographer's best images in elegant slideshows, right alongside their PhotoShelter online storefront.

PhotoShelter's new Photo Wall is a configurable homepage option which gives the photographer many more capabilities for displaying content than the standard single image design of most photography websites. "Photographers often have so many interesting subjects and styles of photography, and yet, most websites' homepage designs revolve around the display of a single image," said Murabayashi. "There are so many more interesting design possibilities that will now encourage visitors to delve deeper and longer into a website." For example, PhotoShelter websites may now engage visitors with a collage of highlighted web galleries on the homepage (with or without text descriptions) using mixed thumbnail sizes as determined by the photographer.

PhotoShelter's new SouthPaw theme complements the 9 existing themes that photographers may choose when designing their PhotoShelter website templates. SouthPaw is the first theme to feature a left-side navigation bar, rather than navigation across the top - a frequent request from PhotoShelter members. Available only at PhotoShelter's Standard and Pro levels, SouthPaw provides yet another customization option. PhotoShelter members may also completely redesign over the PhotoShelter templates using their own CSS and HTML.

PhotoShelter members may tune in to a live webinar on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 at 4pm (EDT) or Wednesday, November 7, 2010 1pm to formally walk through the newest features.

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