PhotoShelter Debuts Libris, Brings Image Asset Management to Businesses

Pioneer in cloud-based technology for professional photographers introduces image management solution for companies of all sizes

New York, NY, January 26, 2015 - With more than 70% of B2B marketers creating more content this year* and over 27MM pieces of content being shared each day,** businesses of all sizes must now communicate with images on a daily basis, but many are struggling to effectively manage and capitalize on their image assets. Organizations need to work faster and smarter to meet escalating content marketing needs, yet finding images, reconciling control and access, securing rights, and safeguarding assets is a growing challenge.

To solve this problem, PhotoShelter, the worldwide leader in cloud-based image asset management, today launched Libris, a highly affordable, feature-rich system designed to empower organizations – from SMBs to large enterprise teams -- to efficiently and securely organize, manage, access and collaborate with their visual assets.

“PhotoShelter’s Libris lets us easily maintain and organize a high-volume image library, while giving us the power to fulfill photo requests on-the-fly from every department within the Ravens organization,” said Erin Herbert, Digital Media Coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens. “We can get photos uploaded right from the game and send them to the internal teams that need them, securely and in real-time.”

Instant image management without the wait or cost of a traditional Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution

As the need for visual content continues to escalate, PhotoShelter leveraged its 10 years of industry experience to identify all the pain points that prevent people from harnessing their images -- from pricey DAM solutions to countless hours lost searching for images scattered across an organization. With feedback and collaboration from more than 70 large businesses, Libris was developed to allow organizations to implement robust image asset management in just a few hours, avoiding the need to invest in DAM products that require months, if not years, to implement.

“We have enjoyed 10 years of success in providing the industry’s most widely used platform for professional photographers to manage their images - and now we’ve built upon that experience to create a tailored solution for larger companies,” said Andrew Fingerman, CEO of PhotoShelter. “Our vision is to help brands participate in the massive trend toward using visual content to engage and connect with their audience - to speak the language of photography. Libris empowers brands and businesses, teams and workgroups to manage, access and use their images quickly and easily.”

Flexible cloud-based solution for robust image asset management

The Libris image asset management solution offers rich features with flexible capabilities to adapt to any organization’s workflow. It helps streamline the way that creative, marketing, and communications teams work with images by:

  • Delivering a single, centralized image database with advanced search options so marketers and creatives can find the images they need quickly and efficiently.
  • Offering robust access control and download permissions that provide the power to customize how each end user or group interacts with visual assets.
  • Leveraging built-in anti-theft capabilities to prevent unauthorized downloads and usage.
  • Helping businesses protect their brands and avoid lawsuits by making image rights information visible.

Libris Key Features:

  • Centralized Image Database & Management - Upload images from multiple contributors to one central location. Authorized administrators can organize image collections and grant user-permissions centrally.
  • Sharing Capabilities – Grant permissioned access so that images can be easily shared safely and efficiently to media, agencies, partners, designers, marketing, sales, and other stakeholders.
  • Archiving – Store original, hi-res images in any format, online, in secure cloud storage.
  • Organization Capabilities – Extensive metadata management capabilities enable users to sort and search photos by filename, photographer, keyword, caption, or attributes like date, location, model/property release, etc.
  • Display Capabilities – Create websites for user-friendly stakeholder search and access, enabling an unlimited number of logged-in users to see and download files according to specific permission levels.
  • Monetization – Sell or license visual assets with a built in e-commerce engine.
  • Tracking - Monitor access and individual user download activity, track image downloads with logs and analytics.
  • Security – Leverage robust permission controls to restrict sensitive content with passwords and user logins, anti-theft measures, and image redundancy across servers in multiple geographic locations.

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