Capturing March Madness: PhotoShelter Libris is a Slam Dunk for Photo Management Agency Clarkson Creative; Enabling Instant Access & Chronicling History

Nine NCAA Tournament School and Four of the Sweet 16 Sign on With PhotoShelter to Promote Photos; Visual Storytelling

New York, NY - April 1, 2015 - PhotoShelter(, the worldwide leader in cloud-based image asset management, today announced that Clarkson Creative, the company that manages tournament photos for for the NCAA, is using PhotoShelter Libris to instantly access, distribute and store all its images from March Madness 2015. PhotoShelter’s cloud-based enterprise image management system enables the Clarkson team of photographers and photo editors to meet the high pressure demand that comes with covering the NCAA Tournament quickly and seamlessly -- from image upload to selection and approval to delivery in near real-time, whether on the game floor or behind the scenes. PhotoShelter also announced that 9 of the NCAA Tournament schools and 4 of the Sweet 16 have also selected PhotoShelter’s NCAA eCommerce compliant image asset management solution to share their best images from March Madness with their own broad audiences, from fans to alumni and to the media.

Instant Image Access and Chronicling History

To capture March Madness, Clarkson’s team of photographers leverages Libris’ core capabilities including centralized, password-protected galleries and FTP access for ultra-quick uploading from any location. Using Libris, the team provides an “instant access” gallery that allows various departments to easily access and get the hottest images out to fans via social media. High-resolution files are also sent to the media and other stakeholders, right from the stadium. In the first week of the tournament alone, nine photographers were uploading images into the account from the games and behind-the-scenes events. Clarkson Creative will even deliver “just taken” tournament images to the NCAA’s printer who will then produce banners to greet the Final Four teams at their hotels -- just 2 days after they clinch their respective regional titles.

“It would literally be impossible to do what we do without PhotoShelter Libris. It’s about having our images go to one source and having one central home that enables my team to deliver amazing results for our clients. With PhotoShelter Libris -- unlike with any other service -- my clients can actually review the images and make selects right on the site as opposed to receiving a bunch of files via FTP,” said Jamie Schwaberow, VP, Visual Communications, Clarkson Creative. “PhotoShelter delivers the accessibility and immediacy we count on, which is critical to how we fulfill our clients' needs.”

After the games, the Clarkson Creative team works on captioning and keywording images within PhotoShelter to enable easy searching and archival. For their clients, it’s not just about access to current images, but having access to a record of history as well. The team has maintained the archive for all 89 NCAA national championships since 1994. The archive also includes legendary sports photographer Rich Clarkson's historic images of the Final Four games he has shot since 1952, including iconic images of players like Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. Maintained on Libris, it is the most robust repository of college sports imagery with its content having been featured everywhere from Sports Illustrated to the NCAA Hall of Champions museum in Indianapolis. This year, Rich Clarkson will be photographing his 60th NCAA Men’s Final Four. Rich will also be honored as the first photographer inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame this coming September.

Visual Storytelling

In addition to Clarkson Creative, nine universities and four Sweet 16 teams are also relying on PhotoShelter to capture their March Madness visual stories.

"We needed an image management system that was easy to use and would allow us to quickly feed the need for great images at the time they are the most relevant," said Greg Fiume, Team Photographer, University of Maryland. "Timing is of the essence when it comes to March Madness and visual storytelling. With PhotoShelter we can deliver images on demand, increase our visibility and drive more traffic to our site." University of Maryland was the no.4 seed with a 28-7 win/loss record of NCAA performance.

"It is deeply gratifying to know that PhotoShelter is empowering teams with the industry’s most reliable platform to meet today’s business needs, and to be the trusted archive for Rich Clarkson’s historic images as well as over a decade of NCAA championship games." said Andrew Fingerman, CEO of PhotoShelter. "We are also delighted at the positive response we have received from so many leading edge universities who are using PhotoShelter to help promote their participation in the NCAA Tournament. With today's voracious appetite for visual content -- whether galleries or slide shows, post-game recaps, in-game and post-game social media -- PhotoShelter is the trusted solution for meeting time-sensitive and immediate demands from a large number of people who need to get images quickly in order to capitalize on timeliness."

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