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September 12-13, 2012
BMCC TriBeCa Performing Arts Center
199 Chambers St. New York NY 10003

2012 Videos

Kevin Connor

CEO & Co-Founder, Fourandsix

Amy Dresser

Retoucher & Illustrator

David Burnett


Cory West

Engineering Manager, Facebook Photos, Facebook

Lucas Allen Buick

Co-founder & CEO, Hipstamatic

Donald Pettit

NASA Astronaut

Eileen Gittins

CEO & Founder, Blurb

Alan Taylor

Senior Editor, The Atlantic

José de Cabo


Avi Muchnick

Ceo & Co-Founder // Aviary

Evan Ratliff

Co-Founder & Editor, Atavist

Jon Slimak

CEO & Co-Founder, Piictu

Barbara Davidson

2011 Pulitizer Prize Winner, Feature Photography, Los Angeles Times

Peter Yang


Michael Muller


Eric Cheng

Director of Photography, Lytro

Zack Arias


Craig Peters

SVP Business Development, Getty Images

Sara Friedlander

Vice President, Post-War And Contemporary Art, Christie's

Jen Bekman

CEO & Co-Founder, 20X200

Gary Morgan

President, Splash News

Tyler Shields


Scott Belsky

CEO, Behance

Rick Robinson

Division VP Of Marketing, Vision Research

Taylor Jones

Author/Blogger, Dear Photograph

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