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September 12-13, 2012
BMCC TriBeCa Performing Arts Center
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Lucas Allen Buick // CEO

Every two minutes we snap as many photos as humanity as a whole took in the 1800′s. And one person to thank (or blame, depending on how you look at it) is Hipstamatic CEO & Co-Founder Lucas Buick. Lucas and his team set out to make an app that would recreate the experience of analog photography. Its impact has helped to profoundly change the photography industry, as well as add to our seeming obsession with nostalgia.

Amy Dresser
Co-founder & CEO, Hipstamatic
Lucas Allen Buick

Lucas Allen Buick, 29, is a graphic designer turned entrepreneur. In 2006, he founded Synthetic Corp. with his best friend, Ryan Dorshorst, which focused mostly on design, brand and web consulting. In 2009, Synthetic Corp.'s focus shifted to mobile software. That pivot, coupled with Lucas' passion for shooting on his Polaroid SX-70, resulted in the birth of Hipstamatic. Today, Lucas remains dedicated to helping people beautifully capture their lives. He is also committed to making Synthetic a driving force for creativity, based on his belief that art and visual storytelling can change the world.