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September 12-13, 2012
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Eileen Gittins // CEO & FOUNDER // BLURB

Eileen Gittins, CEO & Founder of Blurb, developed a company to help respond to the people who are interested and passionate about creating books. In the past, there were various gatekeepers in the publishing world who got to decide what we consume and what we pay money for. Now all that has changed – now we are seeing the democratization of media, and part of that has come from individuals creating photo books.

Amy Dresser
Eileen Gittins

Since launching at DEMO in 2006, Eileen has led Blurb from a startup to a high-growth company, reaching profitability in two and a half years of product availability. With over 2 million registered users, nearly 1 million unique book titles, and a global footprint that extends to more than 70 countries, Blurb continues to experience high growth even amidst challenging economic times. At it's peak volume in 2009, Blurb produced more book titles in 2 minutes than a mid-sized publisher would produce in a year.