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23-year old Taylor Jones started one of the most popular photography blogs today. In a little over a year, Dear Photograph became somewhat of an Internet sensation. The premise is simple: take an old photograph, hold it up in front of the original location, take a new photograph, and add a caption. The result plays off our nostalgia, and is often somewhere between heartbreaking and heartwarming.

Amy Dresser
Author/Blogger // Dear Photograph
Taylor Jones

As the 23-year-old founder of the worldwide phenomenon, Taylor Jones is responsible for a site that has, in just over a year, become a conduit for the memories and emotions of millions of people. CBS named Dear Photograph the #1 website in 2011, and TIME Magazine included it as their #7 pick of the top 50 websites favorites. Taylor has recently published with HarperCollins, Dear Photograph the book, with never-before-seen photos.