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Gary Morgan // President, Splash News

CEO Gary Morgan knows that people think Splash News is working to disrupt the content chain just to feed celebrity hunger. But the fact of the matter is that we - the consumers - are the ones demanding this type of content. Gary argues that Splash is simply trying to meet the demand. Celebrity entertainment has made its way into every major news cycle, whether we like it or not.

Amy Dresser
President, Splash News
Gary Morgan

Gary Morgan, CEO of Splash News, began his career as a local newspaper journalist in Southampton, a south coast beach town in the U.K. Later, Morgan took a position with the U.K. national newspapers on Fleet Street. After 18 months, he left to travel the world for a year and ended up in Los Angeles where he co-founded Splash News with Kevin Smith in 1992. Over the last 20 years Splash News has become the leading provider of breaking entertainment imagery and video content reaching 10,000 customers in 65 countries.