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September 12-13, 2012
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Michael Muller // Photographer

Michael Muller is responsible for shooting some the biggest names in Hollywood. But in this video, Michael also shares his stories from shooting a very different type of subject: great white sharks. He gets up close and personal with these wild animals using a newly patented underwater strobe system that's said to be the most powerful waterproof lighting system in the world.

Jon Slimak
Michael Muller

Michael Muller has been taking photographs and documenting pop culture for over 25 years. From the birth of snowboarding in the 80's, to outlaw motorcycle clubs, to some of the biggest movie posters of all time, Michael has used his "hyper realistic" style to document and capture the experience and bring it to people in his own unique way. He just recieved a patent on his underwater strobe system that is the most powerful waterproof lighting system in the World.