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Craig Peters // Getty Images

Getty Images is the largest online marketplace for digital media, spanning photography, video, music, and creative imagery. The powerhouse represents over 100,000 content owners and services 1 million+ businesses per year. But Craig Peters, Senior Vice President of Business Development, thinks that our new world of publishing platforms means copyright laws need to change. Craig outlines his ideas for a new worldwide approach - one that evolves with the Internet and is led by the content creators themselves.

Craig Peters
SVP Business Dev // Getty Images
Craig Peters

As Senior Vice President of Business Development at Getty Images, Craig Peters is responsible for the global development and management of strategic partnerships, evaluating and executing investments and acquisitions and pursuing new business opportunities, products and services. Craig joined Getty Images in 2007 as Vice President of Footage, Music and Multimedia following the acquisition of WireImage, where he served as Senior Vice President of New Media and Strategic Development.