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September 12-13, 2012
BMCC TriBeCa Performing Arts Center
199 Chambers St. New York NY 10003

Cory West // Facebook

Facebook Photos has undoubtedly changed the way we think about photography. More than just a way to display our images to the world, it has essentially pioneered and perpetuated the idea of social photography. Engineering Manager Cory West talks about how people we don’t even know – “second order friends” – account for most of the activity on Facebook Photos. Cory also discusses how the plethora of information that’s now at our fingertips has actually contributed to memory loss: we often no longer remember specific facts, and instead reserve memory for how to find specific pieces of information.

Amy Dresser
Cory West

Cory West is an engineering manager on the photos team at Facebook. He is passionate about creative technology and putting creative tools in the hands of artists. He has worked on audio, video, photo, and design products at Facebook, Adobe, Avid, Digidesign, and Microsoft, and he lives in a clutter of computers, cameras, synthesizers, and assorted other gadgets in San Francisco, CA.