Guidelines for the Use of the PhotoShelter Trademark

Thank you for your support and interest in PhotoShelter and the PhotoShelter marks. It's important for users to be able to trust PhotoShelter and not be confused about our relationship with the many people and organizations who use our marks. This document is designed to help you use our marks without having to worry about negotiating an agreement with us or talking to our lawyers. If you’d like to make any use of our marks that is not covered by this document, you must contact us at trademarks at

Promoting your own Account

On the web: You can use the word 'PhotoShelter' (note the capital "S" in Shelter) spelled out or using a PhotoShelter logo and an optional link to your PhotoShelter Account. You can also use the current PhotoShelter logo or PhotoShelter P-Icon.

In print: Use the word "PhotoShelter" spelled out or with a PhotoShelter logo.


  • Manipulate the logos unless necessary due to color restrictions (for example, black and white)
  • Imply sponsorship, endorsement, or false association with PhotoShelter, Inc.
  • Use anything other than the most current versions of the PhotoShelter logos.
  • Use any other artwork from our site without explicit permission.
  • Create your own buttons or marks using our logos.

Talking about PhotoShelter in Publications, on TV, at Conferences

Refer to "PhotoShelter" when talking about us.


  • Make inaccurate statements about our service.
  • Refer to us in a way that might imply a false sense of partnership or endorsement.

Merchandise/Manufactured Items

Please note that we don’t permit use of our marks on merchandise.


Contact us at legal with a detailed proposal if you would like to request an exception.


Use the PhotoShelter name or logo on any apparel, product, or merchandise without our permission.

Using the PhotoShelter Marks in your Ad or Marketing Campaign

  • Use the current PhotoShelter logo as a link to the PhotoShelter service.
  • Use the current PhotoShelter logo to show that your product is compatible with PhotoShelter.


  • Use the marks in a way that might imply a false sense of partnership or endorsement with your brand.
  • Distort or alter the PhotoShelter marks in any way.
  • Use the marks in a way that confuses the PhotoShelter brand with another brand.
  • Use anything other than the marks offered above unless given prior approval.

Naming your Application or Product, Applying for a Domain

We understand that you want your application or product that enhances the PhotoShelter experience to be identifiable as part of the PhotoShelter ecosystem. This is important to us too, but PhotoShelter is also the name of our service and company, so we're cautious about potential confusion.

  • Name your website, product, or application with something unique.
  • Feel free to include language on your site explaining that your application is built on the PhotoShelter platform so people understand your product.

  • Use PhotoShelter in the name of your website or application.
  • Register a domain containing PhotoShelter (or misspellings of PhotoShelter).
  • Apply for a trademark with a name including PhotoShelter (or similar variations thereof).

Visual Design of Your Website or Application

Design your site with unique branding and logos.


Copy our look and feel, as this could create user confusion.

Other Things to Know about the PhotoShelter Trademarks

The PhotoShelter name and logo are trademarks of PhotoShelter, Inc. in the United States and other countries. Please do not use the PhotoShelter marks in your avatar or business icon. Please remember to capitalize the S in PhotoShelter. For further information about use of PhotoShelter’s name and trademarks, please contact legal at